TODAY   |  October 12, 2013

Massive cyclone to hit densely populated coast of India

“This is going to be a huge issue on the east coast of India,” said TODAY’s Dylan Dreyer. Already seeing massive flooding, 4.8 million people have been evacuated up and down the coastline.

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>>> dylan dreyer is here with a look at the massive cyclone we mentioned taking aim at india.

>> a huge storm. the equivalent of a category four, almost a category five storm we could see here but it is considered a cyclone out there. you can see the flooding. this is one of the most populated areas in the world and the flooding is already coming on shore. even though the eye of the storm isn't expected to make landfall moments from now, obviously the initial rain and the wind and the storm surge is coming in ahead of the eye of the storm so we are seeing massive amounts of flooding and this is going to a huge issue on the east coast of india. you can see now the storm is making its way on shore and it does have 125 -- 135-mile-per-hour winds. so it's actually one of those areas in the world where it's the most densely populated , right along this coastline here with about 4.8 million people evacuated up and down the coastline. so we are going to keep an eye on this storm. again, it's the equivalent to what we would see of a category 4 to category 5 storm and it will weaken as soon as it makes its way on land and rain itself out as that point as a category 2 hurricane or cyclone in that part of the