TODAY   |  October 12, 2013

Congressman: We’re coming together over shutdown

Rep. Adam Schiff spoke about a “light at the end of the tunnel” in shutdown talks, calling for a structural change in the government to make sure whatever deal is reached, it will be a long-term solution. TODAY’s Lester Holt interviews Rep. Adam Schiff.

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>>> we turn to congressman adam shift now. congressman, good morning. thanks for joining us.

>> a pleasure to be with you.

>> reporter: raised expectations now we may see the light at the end of the tunnel . tell me how you think the next couple of days are going to play out?

>> a lot of moving pieces right now. this morning, democrats are rolling out a discharge petition to reopen the government. senate democrats are going to be putting forward a bill to raise the debt ceiling. house and senate republicans seem to be competing with each other to come up with a plan that is acceptable to the president. all of that, i think, is positive because it all moves in the direction of reopening the government and avoiding any kind of default.

>> what do you think? maybe a day, two days, three days?

>> my guess is hopefully, something will congel the next couple of days. i think a growing recognition particularly in the gop that a default is completely unacceptable and the shutdown is really damaging the country and damaging their brand. so i think we're coming together. this is the first time we are seeing any light at the end of the tunnel , but, still, we have no deal. and i think what we have is a much greater line of communication and a great receptivity of putting this ugly chapter behind us.

>> you use the term damaging and it has been damaging to people's lives and certainly to congress. i'm sure you take some solace that the republicans are taking much of the heat and the blame if we look at the public opinion polls . 60% of the americans according to the nbc news/" wall street journal " poll say all of congress should be fired and put you out of a job for the way congress has been acting.

>> there is no solace to be found in any of this. the public is right to be infuriated and upset what is going on. there are no winners in a government shutdown . i'm convinced the recurrent man-made artificial crises and debt ceiling and shutdown we go through every six months is the only thing holding back our recovery. it is infuriating because it is so so unnecessary. hopefully we will get this done. i don't want to see a short-term deal that lands us back in the same spot two months from now where we have to fight this out all over again. we need a structural change where neither party can use that something has been done keeping of the government as a bludgeon of something it doesn't have the votes for.

>> we hope you all get it together. congressman, thank you for talking to us. appreciate it.