TODAY   |  October 12, 2013

Government in talks to resolve shutdown

Republicans seem to be abandoning their initial demands that any deal to reopen the government be linked to delaying or defunding the new health-care law. House Republicans will meet Saturday to discuss a way forward. NBC’s Kristen Welker reports.

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>>> 12 of the shutdown. while there do to be more signs of progress, there is no agreement. kristen welker is live at the white house .

>> reporter: good morning to you. the house and senate will be back in session today trying to figure out a way forward . it seems like they are inching toward a deal, in part, because there is increasing pressure for them to do so. according to our latest nbc news/" wall street journal " poll, a majority of americans are putting the blame squarely on republicans for this mess, so that party really feeling the heat . on friday, president obama met with senate republicans here at the white house . he also spoke with house speaker john boehner on the phone. now friday, the house had put forward a plan that would have extended the nation's borrowing limit what we call the debt ceiling and it is set to expire in five days. the president said, look, it's a good thing we are talking and moving toward progress but that deal would have only been six weeks. so the president said not good enough. he wants a longer deal. it now seems like a longer deal is coming together. may ask the president for some concessions like scaling back one of the taxes associated with his health care plan. in his weekly address, the president tried to harness the anger and call for action .

>> let's get a budget and put people back to work and end this government shutdown . let's pay our bills and prevent an economic shutdown and then get back to the work of the american people because there is so much else we should be focusing our energies on right now.

>> reporter: republicans seem to have abandoned their calls that any deal be linked to delaying or defunding the president's health care law . that was really a nonstarter with the democrats and the president. we will be watching it all today.

>> we will be watching it