TODAY   |  October 11, 2013

KLG, Hoda have a ball getting fit with soccer star

Professional soccer player Tadeo gives the ladies a lesson in fitness program Cuerpaso, which fuses intense soccer drills with hot Brazilian dance moves for an energizing workout.

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>>> here's a question. what do you get when you combine intense soccer drills with sexy brazilian dance moves ?

>> you get sexual desires. tedeo is here to show us a workout he likes to do in the sand.

>> with a soccer ball .

>> and stuff.

>> hey. good it see you.

>> nice to see you all. when's going on?

>> you combine soccer.

>> yes.

>> and you put it into the mainstream, like regular people like us can do it.

>> exactly. i want you to have the same intense exciting workout we have as professional athletes and get the nice great body and natural butt lift and.

>> and endoefrnrphiendorphins.

>> should we pick up the balls?

>> yes. we're going to go a squat. we have the ball above our head. and we're going to come around, rotating the hips, moving the gluts, working all three butt muscles. pretty fancy. let me see the hips rocking. i even like it in the heels. that's exciting. imagine yourself in the beach in brazil.

>> brazil.

>> not wearing spanx.

>> looking great. i like the heels too.

>> they're bicycle shorts.

>> what is working?

>> we're working all three -- let's do it together.

>> doesn't matter.

>> all three butt muscles, activating the biggest muscle in your body, raising the natural endorphins, libibo level will come up. you'll feelexcit excited. you'll carry this into --

>> into where?

>> the bedroom.

>> let's do our latin lunges. we're going to come right forward and i want the hip thrust. there you go. beautiful. nice and sexy. throw the hip forward for me. i'm going to do it with you. in heels, still works. squeeze the glute. you're just rocking away. imagine this is what we do every day in copacabana at the beach. tall and tan

>> give him a hug.

>> it's over.

>> good-bye.

>>> next week we celebrate the 15th anniversary of debra messing and eric mccormick.

>>> and performances by gavin degraw and scotty mccreery.

>> go home and do this. bye.