TODAY   |  October 11, 2013

Functional and fashionable: How to look great in layers

Layering is a huge trend this fall, and here to show you the dos and don’ts is Eva Chen, editor-in-chief of Lucky magazine. She focuses on the best combinations of textures and colors to create looks for all occasions while flattering your figure.

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>>> season after season, we see our favorite celebs layer for the chilly weather and they still look runway ready.

>> they do. when you're hot, and then you're not, and then you're hot again, welcome to my world , how can you still look stylish? here to show you how it's done is "lucky" magazine editor in chief eva chen. nice to see you again. you're doing it perfectly, aren't you?

>> all about the layers. some days it is freezing. some days it is sweltering. you have to mix and match.

>> let's start with our first model. we want jane to come on out. jane has a great weekend look.

>> she looks adorable.

>> how cute does she look? jane is wearing a look that i think is perfect for the weekends. all about the layers as i said before. she's wearing a boxier kind of looser top but then pairing it with skinny jeans , important for proportions. if you're wearing something boxy up top, wear something skinny on the bottom.

>> conversely true as well?

>> fitted on top, wear something fuller on the bottom. you don't want to wear skin tight from head to toe .

>> how many layers does have on?

>> you can take the sweatshirt on, sweatshirts are having a moment now.

>> i love sweatshirts.

>> they're cool.

>> she has a sweatshirt on underneath.

>> tie it around your waist.

>> exactly.

>> how cute.

>> that grunge look.

>> with a scrunchy.

>> way to go, jane .

>> so cute.

>> thank you.

>> next up we have adriana, the collegiate-inspired look. tell us about that.

>> a lot of us probably have that varsity jacket buried in the back of our closet. break it out. it is coming back. she has a varsity jacket on. when you take it off, she has a denim vest.

>> i love denim vests.

>> because it is sleeveless, it doesn't add a lot of bulk.

>> such a cute look.

>> just feel free . and turtlenecks, we're all obsessed with turtlenecks.

>> really?

>> anything you have from the summer, throw a turtleneck on underneath. you could wear one under this dress and it would work.

>> i could?

>> make sure it is fitted.

>> got it. thanks, adriana. in the office, which you never know if it is going to be hot or cold --

>> megan looks adorable.

>> a tall drink of water.

>> she is.

>> she looks amazing, i think. first of all, the office. could be 20 degrees, 200 degrees, all about calibrating and having the layers. first, she has an ox blood moto jacket on. we love this, it is unexpected rather than black and the long oversized tee. she has a long sweater on, which, again, a shirt underneath is sleeveless, so your arms are free. you don't look like a mitch lynn m and the shirt covers up the hips.

>> it is okay to wear a jacket shorter than your shirt. what about the infinity scarf. i see them all the time around new york.

>> these scarves are great. yo have a scarf, there is an art to it. this one they do it for you. loop it over your neck twice.

>> next up we have jessica. ready for a cocktail party .

>> yeah.

>> we think this is such a great look at lucky. she's cocktail ready appropriate. a big trend on the runway for real life is the lingerie trend. women wearing lacy camisoles.

>> i like that. very feminine.

>> very feminine. how do you wear it without looking too sexy? don't want to go all the way out there. this is about layers, knits, chiffon, a beautiful camisole and she put a sheer layer over the camisole so it doesn't show too much. don't be afraid to wear color in the winter either. look at that great green skirt.

>> thank you, jessica.

>> thank you.

>> last up, karen. she's all about date night.

>> this is a cute date night look, we think. she has a little pea cut coat on.

>> they never go out of style.

>> she takes that coat off, what you can see is she has a cute little sweater on and satin skirt. satin is huge on the runway.

>> i like that because the back is long.

>> this the kind of look you can wear to a gate. i guy will find it sexy and cute and you can put the coat back on and go out with your girlfriends and go out to dinner.

>> let's bring our ladies back