TODAY   |  October 11, 2013

Ylvis: Our ‘Fox Says’ song backfired on us

The Norwegian comedy duo known as Ylvis tell TODAY’s Kathie Lee and Hoda about how they originally intended their popular song “What Does the Fox Say” to be an “anti-hit,” but it ended up near the top of the Billboard charts anyway.

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>>> in norway . and over the last five weeks their music video , the fox, has been viewed more than 100 million times on youtube. it's ridiculous.

>> they're currently number six on the billboard top 100 . and it was all by accident.

>> if you don't know them by now, you're about to become very hip when you find out about the wacky norwegian brothers. bard and vegard.

>> yeah.

>> they are known as --

>> you're bard?

>> i'm bard.

>> everyone says you can't say you're bored in america. i try to say -- i haven't chosen. i haven't decided.

>> fabio is taken.

>> i may go for fabio.

>> there is a normal name in norway called odd.

>> odd and bored.

>> we have a friend. this is odd and he's bored.

>> well, we want to say --

>> we want you to feel at home. we have a bar in our studio.

>> that's great.

>> and we also have a server who wants to take very good care of you.

>> yeah.

>> you sound more german, actually.

>> how do i say it in norwegian.

>> yeah.

>> here comes gerard .

>> yes!

>> look at that.

>> what does the fox say.

>> what does the fox say, gerard ?

>> i don't know what a fox says.

>> gerard , please smile. okay.

>> look at gerard .

>> thank you so much, gerard .

>> do you want to hold on to these or --

>> the funny thing is you call us crazy, but look at you guys.

>> look at us.

>> we love guys like you. tell us how the whole thing happened. hoda loves this.

>> just a minute. this is actually wine.

>> yes.

>> it started out as we make skits and --

>> for your show.

>> for our show.

>> a talk show .

>> we do different kinds of things, hidden camera -- looks so great.

>> slurp it back, baby.

>> you know what this is? this is success.

>> actually, it is gerard 's urine specimen.

>> whatever. and what is this?

>> don't ask.

>> okay.

>> gerard , that's enough.

>> so, okay, so talk show --

>> so we actually got a request from a super producer duo from norway called stargate, they work here around new york. and they have lots of billboard hits with rihanna and with --

>> beyonce, i this i.

>> beyonce. and so they asked us to do a sort of private favor for them to make a mocumentary for them. we said, can we ask a favor in return?

>> i'm just drinking. you should listen. it is really exciting.

>> he's going to suck blowing bubbles now.

>> and then we asked for a favor in return, can we make a song together. they were like, sure, sure. and then we figured out if we are going to make a hit song out of this, it would seem kind of pathetic, because we're comedians and shouldn't do hit songs. so we decided to make an anti-hit so we could come back to our talk show and say, folks, you know, we had this opportunity, we had stargate and blew it. we couldn't think of anything else other than what the fox says.

>> what? what the fox says.

>> in norwegian --

>> we are actually --

>> what the fox says.

>> but the idea sort of back fired on us because --

>> here you are, major hits.

>> were you surprised? 100 million is ridiculous on any standard.

>> it is kind of -- it is the first time i actually heard the number right now and it is kind of austin powers number, isn't it? 100 million youtube hits. yeah. it is really strange.

>> so we want to know about your love lives. are you taken?

>> taken.

>> yeah, we're taken.

>> for now.

>> for now.

>> we're taken in norway .

>> oh!

>> those kind of guys.

>> territorial licensing.

>> are either of you married?

>> we're married.

>> you are.

>> we're married.

>> new york city .

>> really?

>> really.

>> how long ago?

>> one year ago.

>> is she a model type?

>> uber model, uber sexy, gorgeous.

>> and you?

>> i married in stent.

>> stent?

>> also a kind of cool metropolitan area , in a barn.

>> cool. that is cool.

>> are you going to do another one? is this the end of your hits?

>> this is the first of many to come. we're doing wolves, cats, reptiles.

>> good.

>> not reptiles. just furry things.

>> okay.

>> guys, thank you so much.