TODAY   |  October 11, 2013

Check out our adorable Babies of the Week

Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb share photos of this week’s loveable little ones for Johnson’s Baby of the Week segment.

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>> johnson baby now where we celebrate new moms and adorable new additions to their families. first up, a baby born in new port beach, california, his name is malek abbas hodroj. and this little boy born with a little mohawk. lauren says her son has the most beautiful dark blue eyes she's ever seen.

>> next baby is eloise lennon wilkes born on september 11th in mechanicsville, maryland. sure. this little lady shares a birthday with her mother and her father is in active duty navy first class petty officer. my daddy too. jamison alexander meles. i'm not sure. i'm sorry. he was born august 4th in boca raton , florida. his parents say their son is a very happy boy who can't stop smiling. they snapped a picture of him in the womb during an ultrasound.

>> final baby of the week, sadie ophelia klemm.

>> she has a little gas.

>> august 31st . her parents say their daughter is the happiest baby in the morning and already befriended the family dog . congrats to all of our babies. if you want a chance for your baby to appear on our today's johnson baby of the week, go