TODAY   |  October 11, 2013

Kathie Lee: I’m not giving up my scrunchie!

TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb chat about the recent revival of the scrunchie, the 1990s-era hair accessory, and Kathie Lee shows off her scrunchie skills.

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>>> come on, hoda. be professional. it is try day friday. it is october 11th , 2013 .

>> friday.

>> so what are we doing here today, hodawoman?

>> first of all, if you don't know about this video, we're going to tell you about, you're in the dark. we have to admit we were in the dark. we didn't know anything about this video, but it is sweeping not just the nation, but --

>> the world! it's global-like!

>> it's called what does the fox say. what does the fox say?

>> which is supposed to lead into it. bird goes tweet mouse goes cow goes moo frog goes grow and the elephant goes toot ducks they quack fish go glub the seal goes ow, ow, ow there is a sound that no one knows what does the fox say what did the fox say what does the fox say what does the fox say what does the fox say

>> so this viral video has more than 100 million hits. we don't know why. but the norwegian brothers bard and vigard, they're norwegians.

>> i met them downstairs. they're adorable. they're crazy. i met their brother -- and --

>> he's a laugh.

>> he's a scream.

>> here is the story. this song was supposed to be a joke. it was a joke. they were just going to do it for fun, payback for a favor they had done the record company. they do this ridiculous song.

>> they tried to write the world's worst song and it has become a huge hit. how do i do that? anyway.

>> over 100 million, that's 100 million hits.

>> so we'll talk to them. we'll talk all about what does the fox say.

>> what does the fox say? what are we going to do with prince harry if he gets married. that means there will be scrunchies at buckingham palace .

>> his girlfriend, creseda bonus. she goes to the beat of her own drum, wears overalls, wears scrunchies.

>> she seems perfect for him.

>> we have to get the tight shot. that is sad what you just did in there.

>> some people are -- have a problem with scrunchies. i think they're, like, genius. i'll tell you why, hodawoman. your hair is not long enough. can you hold it back?

>> yes.

>> here is the thing with the scrunchy. i love --

>> you rocked it.

>> you have to also have your scrunchy and your fannie pack at the same time. i mean, hello. and then you did a little of this and all of a sudden, i'm practically royalty.

>> but here's the -- i like your hair -- i can't believe you did that in one second.

>> that's right. i know how to do it.

>> i like it. go sideways -- wait, look sideways. i can't believe --

>> thank god i'm recently botoxed. that's good. missoni just announced a $95 scrunchy.

>> they're trying to make it trendy. they're saying if missoni is doing it, it's cool. that's somebody else's. don't touch it. bobbie thomas', put it down. put it down. if you love " sex and the city ," there was a whole bit of scrunchies. take a look.

>> i see women every single day, all over new york city , wearing scrunchies.

>> okay, but here's the thing, here's my crucial point, no woman who works at "w" magazine and lives on perry street would be caught dead at a hip downtown restaurant wearing a scrunchy. man, it's a good thing i came along because you may know the fellows, but i know the ladies.

>> you don't know this lady about not giving up my scrunchy and not giving up my fannie pack.

>> the real reason for the scrunchy working is because when you put a rubber band in your hair, it leaves a mark. on your hair. these don't. that's why we like them.

>> let me tell you another great trick. if you're having a really great hair day, and you are not going to wash it, want to just go --

>> keep it.

>> do this. i'll show you. this is how you do it. i'm old. i know things. okay. you do this. you do this. you do this. and you do that. like that. and the next morning, you look like that.

>> i like it. does it really work?

>> it works like crazy.

>> i like it.

>> i just showed some black spanx, didn't i? as if i don't know.

>> it's high time . so if you are dating and you're doing it online, they now have an app that they want you to know the personality of the person you're choosing as opposed to the look. so they have a new technique where they're blurring the face of your perspective date. so that you're not -- you're not, you know, distracted by how handsome or unattractive they are. you get to know them as a person. what do you think about that?

>> well, what do i think? if heaven forbid frank were not in my life anymore and i was a free woman , it is the last thing in the world i would ever do. i don't know if it's because i'm generational or -- i don't know.

>> fuzzy looks good.

>> i do look darn good that way. you know what, i don't want to -- i don't -- i don't like all that stuff. i want to meet somebody.

>> in person.

>> i'm not saying i want to meet --

>> that's what you said.

>> if i were free, and i can't even imagine being on the dating scene again, i would want it to happen like some enchanted evening.

>> it doesn't happen like that.

>> it happened for you.

>> i know. but i went to an event and it was accidental.

>> that's what i'm saying, hoda. it may have seemed accidental to you, but might have been that divine appointment.

>> i don't think there are any accidents.

>> exactly. if you're trying to maneuver and manufacture something that happened, i think it is going to -- i don't know. it seems phony to me.

>> yeah. i agree with that. i think sometimes when you feel like you've been to the bars, you've been to the church, to this place and that place, you get everywhere. not there.

>> the bars and the churches.

>> that's new orleans in a nutshell. the bars and the churches. all right, so, okay, a lot of kids get their high school or junior high or whatever picture taken and you look at it and you say i can't believe that's going to live in the yearbook forever. now you won't believe this. they have a whole photo shopping thing in place for yearbook pictures. most of the schools are offering touchups so there are packages. one package gets rid of, like, your pimples or whatever. the other package does you like the full monty , better hair and you get different clothes.

>> full monty means naked, hoda.

>> that's not what i meant. gets rid of braces, a tie.

>> it is not a true representative of how you looked when you were young, such as this shot.

>> okay. you know what? i'm tired of that.

>> we wanted to have all the fun. if you don't have the glasses.

>> oh, that's scarier.

>> there is a little more. if we gave you your now hair.

>> as long as you don't remove the necklace. i love that necklace. i think it is a little weird that people are redoing everything.

>> it is not authentic, you know?

>> i had most of my high school yearbook pictures were hideous, terrible, most of them. they looked like that and got progressively worse. careful. they weren't great, but so what?

>> the fact is you can smile. my mother had my -- you know, you just laugh at it. speaking of laughing, guess what? time for friday funny.

>> funny. better be good.

>> this joke sent in by facebook fan kim stoler from niagara falls . this is going to require a little work on my part, okay? the three little pigs went out to dinner one night. the waiter came by and took their drink orbit. i want a sprite, said first little piggy . i want a coke, sec the second little piggy . i want beer said the third little piggy . hope i can remember what order i did the voices in. after serving the drinks, the waiter asked for their orders. i want steak, said the first little piggy . i want salad, said the second little piggy . i want beer said the third little piggy , lots and lots of beer. finally, if they wanted any dessert. i want pie, said the firstingly piggy . i want cheesecake, said the second little piggy . i want beer, lots and lots of beer said the third little piggy . the waiter said, pardon me for asking, but why have you ordered only beer all evening long? third little piggy said, well, someone it has to go wee, wee, wee all the way home.

>> a lot of buildup.

>> an awful lot of work for such a very little in return.

>> all right.

>> i'm deeply grateful.

>> it is time for our johnson baby now where we celebrate new moms and adorable new additions to their families. first up, a baby born in new port beach, california, his name is malek abbas hodroj. and this little boy born with a little mohawk. lauren says her son has the most beautiful dark blue eyes she's ever seen.

>> next baby is eloise lennon wilkes born on september 11th in mechanicsville, maryland. sure. this little lady shares a birthday with her mother and her father is in active duty navy first class petty officer. my daddy too. jamison alexander meles. i'm not sure. i'm sorry. he was born august 4th in boca raton , florida. his parents say their son is a very happy boy who can't stop smiling. they snapped a picture of him in the womb during an ultrasound.

>> final baby of the week, sadie ophelia klemm.

>> she has a little gas.

>> august 31st . her parents say their daughter is the happiest baby in the morning and already befriended the family dog . congrats to all of our babies. if you want a chance for your baby to appear on our today's johnson baby of the week, go to for all the details.