TODAY   |  October 11, 2013

Tips for throwing a simple fall brunch

Lifestyle expert Kris Schoels shows an easy way to throw a fabulous fall brunch with an apple cider bar, personalized cups, and a centerpiece that includes bagels, doughnuts and pancakes.

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>>> if you've ever invited people over for brunch, entertaining guests and kids while you're trying to cook can be hectic.

>> not to mention expensive but it doesn't have to be that way. she is here to help us. let's start with your special version of apple cider .

>> you had your eye on this.

>> i did notice it.

>> when you're having guests over you need to be a master chef, a bartender, a butler. but what i did is set up an apple cider bar. you can send people to it as they're walking in so they can make their own drinks. bourbon, cinnamon.

>> i like the ice cream .

>> we have ice cream here.

>> use a little bit of whipped cream .

>> sure.

>> that looks like a little bit more than a splash.

>> yeah.

>> we're not going to make it through.

>> it's friday.

>> so we have this stuff set out this is nice.

>> this is another brunch at willie's house, right.

>> that's very good.

>> nice.

>> i like that, smooth.

>> i always love, i found these miniclothes pins and it's a great way to mark your drink.

>> cool.

>> and then i also got --

>> they stay on the thinner mug.

>> and then i also got this really inexpensive fabric here. i cut the bottom of it and got it at a fabric store. don't feel like you have to go all out and be crazy. this is a great way to get your guests talking and gets them involved.

>> gets them a little bit drunk.

>> while their kids are at the kid's table.

>> exactly.

>> so the adults are here with the whisky and we have something set up for the kids. so what i've done here is i have taken little apple slices and melted some chocolate.

>> now we're talking.

>> get in here.

>> then they can decorate them. have something nice -- because you have to have something for them as well.

>> yeah.

>> it's not too messy.

>> that is so good.

>> except when willie does it.

>> yeah.

>> and now then i like the decorating the pumpkins.

>> well, for the best part about this, i don't know if you guys know they actually make chalk board paint in a variety of colors now. so i painted these with the cho chalkboard paint and they make chalk markers. no more dust or mess and after the holiday you can wipe them off and use them again.

>> they last a long time.

>> they last a long time.

>> since we have a minute left --

>> this beautiful table over here.

>> it's very rustic. i love the rustic way.

>> we kind of tied in the red and all i've done here is written with the chalk marker, written the different names and these will greek yogurt parfaits people can customize and then also what i've done here is cut a top off i've pumpkin.

>> that's a great idea.

>> you can put it or a cake stand fits in the middle of it and then you can use it for halloween. these are all things you can buy at the store or homemade. different donuts and pastries and use the different levels.

>> brilliant.

>> you like basic food you're saying.

>> basic food. very simple. i feel like i have to be this crazy chef when people come over. it's not exactly the right time to try out a new recipe.

>> so store bought is okay.

>> store bought is totally fine. it's all in how you display it.

>> all right. give me a scone.

>> thank you.

>> thank you.

>> well done.

>> we're back in a moment.

>> this is "today" on nbc.

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>> people love it.

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