TODAY   |  October 11, 2013

Shop for a cause: Items that benefit breast cancer

Holly Carter from People StyleWatch explains how you can support breast cancer research by buying certain beauty items; proceeds from sales go toward helping find a cure for the disease.

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>> for most of the items, 100% of the proceeds go to the various charities to fight breast cancer research . here to walk us through them is the beauty director for people style watch magazine. good morning.

>> thank you for having me.

>> okay, as we mentioned, 100% of the proceeds to a lot of these products.

>> yeah.

>> so let's start off first with this is a lip scrub; is that right?

>> yes, this is the sugar lips poll li polishing scrub. you can put it on.

>> willie is testing it out.

>> let me be your model? your lip model.

>> yeah, everyone wants it.

>> what do we do? just rub it on.

>> and then you wipe it off.

>> okay.

>> then you have kissable lips.

>> too bad al isn't here for you to test.

>> tastes good too by the way. a little sugar.

>> it goes to bright pink which is a charity that deals with early detection.

>> that 's wonderful .

>> yeah.

>> this is a lip balm .

>> yeah, these are the lip balms, $6. they're portable. you glide them on your lips. they're organic and come in great flay vors -- flavors and the money goes to the cancer center.

>> great cause.

>> you know she passed away in 2011 but her dream to end breast cancer lives on. this is the compact. it's a solid perfume so it's great for travel. throw it in your purse. no mess, no fuss. they do this every year.

>> it's a solid perfume.

>> dab it on.

>> it lasts longer that way.

>> the money goes to the breast cancer research foundation which she founded.

>> yeah. they always do such a great job. this pink bra.

>> this is a pink bra.

>> also to benefit breast cancer research .

>> and you can personal siize it.

>> you can add the initials of a loved one or someone that inspires you or your own loved ones so you can get support while you give support.

>> and the money goes to various research institutions and educational institutions .

>> and shoes too, right?

>> why not.

>> these are nine west pumps and they're from the qvc shoes. so every year they partner for an amazing sale. everything is drastically reduc reduced.

>> beautiful pumps and they're $44 and great cause.

>> really well done.

>> okay, and last but not least, something that -- well, actually, what is this over here? we have two more here.

>> this is the avon breast cancer crusade watch i have on now. the money goes to the avon breast cancer crusade which raised $780 million.

>> that's incredible.

>> now a portion of these proceeds go from the nfl.

>> to the american cancer society and they all have a pink accent so you can show your support.

>> the nfl has been great on this. the players wear the pink shoes and the towels.

>> coaches, it's awesome.

>> all throughout october.

>> thank you so much.