TODAY   |  October 11, 2013

5 websites, apps for fun fall weekend

TODAY contributor and digital lifestyle expert Mario Armstrong shares an app that helps you track down gorgeous fall foliage in your area, as well as revealing ways to look up easy recipes to make with your kids and find tickets to events near you.

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>> taking about taking a drive to capture the leaves with the family, we have the best apps that will have you digin' this weekend.

>> mario armstrong is the master of digin'. you almost said a digin' life style expert.

>> are you on board with digin' as a term.

>> i don't know if i'm feeling it.

>> thank you for being here.

>> sit back down.

>> it's cool. you guys should campaign and be big on this. i like diged.

>> yeah.

>> so you're in. now let's go through some of these apps starting with fall foil campers.

>> leaf peeper . what you can do is find a great fo foiliage color. this is all where people have taken pictures and uploaded what they see. whether they're green or moderate or turning.

>> how is it in boston right now? i was there yesterday.

>> boston.

>> let's head up.

>> starting slowly to turn there.

>> some that are peaking. some that are still green and some that are moderate. so a little mix going on.

>> so you can find out when peek foliage is.

>> that's the point.

>> let's talk about great recipes now for the fall. this is a app called yummly.

>> everyone is grabbing apples. who is not apple picking .

>> yeah, i'm doing that sunday.

>> we even have some of our own v vegan caramel apples . i'm a baker. people have no idea.

>> you didn't bake them.

>> well, i made the sauce. the app is awesome. it's free on iphone and the web. what's good is you can personalize this to your preferences. if you have allergies or restrictions or dietary limitations it will suggest recipes based off of that which is awesome. you can also save categories and create our own shopping list .

>> it's called yummly. do you want to get the family outside, riding bikes, trail

>> this will give you a view. this is free to use, a view of all the trails in your area. but these aren't just regular trails. these are trails of former railroads. so it's cool.

>> how cool.

>> a lot of history there.

>> a lot of history. you can see all the different photos, a description, a map, you can download this to your device. if you're looking to get out and about this weekend and want to hit a trail that's fun and exciting, this is the best app.

>> not just for the cyclists but horseback riding as well.

>> that's right. if you're a big bird watcher and you want to hit a trail, it's grae great for that.

>> i like this one, this is to help you score tickets for events in your area.

>> that's right. when your digin' for the great tickets.

>> i love it.

>> there it is right there.

>> you can search by venue, my artist, by team, search your area this weekend. you can find great tickets. what i like is the interactive seating chart. no wonder where your view is.

>> exactly.

>> so i don't care if it's an athletic game, it doesn't matter.

>> i was going to ask you how that's different from stub hub but that's the answer.

>> yeah.

>> tell me about

>> it's actually pronounced viable. because vaya is let's go. it's all about traveling. if you want a unique experience, this is a different type of website i've seen for travel. what happens is you pick a place where you want to go. they match you up with a local expert from that area. so you hang out with locals that give you these personalized tours based off of your interests. so everything from, like, this guy is queens tastes of the world. jeffrey takes you to all places where you can check out different food throughout queens but then there's one in new york up to the concert jungle for photography. 59 bucks per person. they call it the concrete jungle photo wall. so cool experiences that you and the family haven't done.

>> that would be really cool.


>> all of these things are on our website. the great digital folks at keep the digin' going.

>> recipe.

>> how is it vegan? you don't put butter in it.

>> nondairy butter and agava.