TODAY   |  October 11, 2013

‘Digin!’ Anchors campaign to add word to dictionary

TODAY’s Willie Geist and Natalie Morales chat about new words that could be candidates for including in the Oxford English Dictionary, such as “legsie” (a leg selfie) and “appisode” (a TV show you want on an app). They also start a campaign for the word “digin,” which means using social media.

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>> we are still answering the question, what does the fox say.

>> what does the fox say?

>> what was going on on the plaza a few minutes ago.

>> you missed it. you missed the fox ears.

>> i know.

>> it's so funny. these guys are great. they're like the jimmy fallon in norway.

>> right.

>> they do these videos so they're well-known comedians.

>> yeah.

>> we got into it. it's hard not to. it sticks with you. and now it's going to stay with me all weekend.

>> these guys are hilarious. not to get too analytical about it but it's a good question. what does the fox say. you stop to think about the animals, i don't know what the fox says.

>> they say it's very individual. they say whatever they want to say quietly.

>> wow, we need to get some scientists on that. what does the fox say. can we point out the cards?

>> finally, we're official now.

>> we have official today's take cards. available now at the nbc experience store. maybe not.

>> today's take.

>> a lot of people --

>> shutdown, day 11 now, right?

>> shutdown is still going on. we have this new nbc news wall street journal poll. the news is bad for everybody but the one number jumped out at us. would you fire every member of congress we asked the american public, yes.

>> i'm actually surprised by that. i'm surprised it's not higher than that.

>> every member. that's a lot of members. 535

>> 60% saying yes and 35% saying no. i'm surprised that's not higher.

>> the approval ratings are just dismal. derveredly so

>> they are and you have to hope at some point they're going to reach some sort of agreement soon because it's gone on far too long.

>> one of the things that angered people this week is the gym. the congressional gym stayed open while everything else was closed.

>> sure.

>> somebody came out the other day and said the gym is open but there's no towel service. there's no towel service. we are sacrificing and suffering with you america.

>> i can't take a shower after a workout.

>> so jimmy kimmel had fun with that last night. watch this.

>> i worked out today without a towel.

>> i worked out today, without a towel.

>> i went to work wet.

>> i tried to use newspapers to dry off. wouldn't recommend it.

>> no towel for me.

>> no towel.

>> we go without towels.

>> because sacrifices must be made.

>> congress, wet because we care.

>> my eyes, i didn't need to see that.

>> wow. and then as they went out they said "you guy want to go wrestle." and they all ran out to go wrestle together. very strange from jimmy kimmel last night.

>>> another story we're talking about in the newsroom this morning, this is a school district in oregon, just outside portland.

>> this is very controversial.

>> it is. they're going to try to pass and it sounds like it will pass later this year, a new requirement that if you want to graduate from that high school in the town of corbet oregon, you have to get into a college . so that's in addition to passing grades in all subjects and maintaining good attendance but they're expected to vote on a proposal that will require all students to apply and get accepted to the college of their choice. now, they don't have to go to the college , but they have to get in.

>> they have to apply and get in and accepted.

>> if you read the story there's one sort of out here. there's a community college right there locally that accepts anyone who applies so what a lot of people can do is apply to that college and they'll be accepted. they don't necessarily have to go but the school says it's to help people understand what it means to apply to college and how to do it and to keep options open. maybe you don't know you want to go to college and you'll need it some day.

>> i think in principle it sounds good. the idea of forcing somebody to do something that's maybe not what their dreams are, then that always kind of i think rubs me the wrong way. but i think it's a good idea. i think you have to give kids, sometimes they don't know at that age what they really want to do in life. so you have to give them those options.

>> on the surface it sounds pretty outrageous but if you read through it actually turns out that's it is kind of just an exercise for the school. here's how you apply to college and you'll have this choice if you want it later if you get in.

>> important also to point out if the kids can't afford the applications because applications can be expensive if you're applying to nine or ten schools at 150 or $200 a piece, the school will help them financially with those applications and applications process.

>> that school also pays for all juniors in high school to take the sats so obviously very driven towards getting into college . and listen, that's a great thing. look at unemployment statistics. if you go to college , you're much less likely to be unemployed.

>> i just think that, you know guidance counselors do such a good job in high schools but there needs to be overall more attention to making sure.

>> yeah.

>> that, you know, kids are really given hopes and dreams and the opportunities to fulfill those dreams, whatever those dreams maybe.

>> and we should point out, too, you can also apply to a trade school and go there. so liberal arts education or whatever it is isn't your thing, there are a lot of different ways you can go with it.

>> ok, well interesting to see that. we'll have to follow that.

>>> so the oxford dictionary is looking at some new words. they seem to put in like crazier words every year.

>> the words that have become sort of part of our every day vernacular. every day vernacular, i mean, how much are you talking about somebody's backne.

>> why did you look at me when you see that?

>> i didn't. i looked straight at the camera.

>> that's back acne, in case you needed the translation.

>> yes, thank you i think we all know what that means.

>> disgusting.

>> these are not necessarily words that are going in the dictionary but these are ones that they're considering. they are considering backne, this one's interesting, i hadn't heard of this until today. hate watch. this is when you watch a show that you hate but in order to be able to chat about it. so if i were to say, the real housewives ; even though it's a guilty pleasure for some, it's sort of that. you're like come on this is not real.

>> but you watch it over and over and watch the reruns.

>> and then you tweet about it and you call your friends about it.

>> or when you complain about the episodes. that's hatewatching

>> this one to me, i think cronut should be in there. i don't know about's another word for the cronut. it's a croissant and a donut.

>> we heard about the duffin already, the muffin donut, too many things.

>. this one, maybe you've heard about this one.

>> never heard of this.

>> legsie, it's a selfie you take of your legs.

>> who does that?

>> apparently there's a lot of that.

>> there's a lot of legsie?

>> legsies.

>> wow.

>> and an apisode, an episode of tv that you watch online, see that makes more sense.

>> yeah.ok. that should be in the dictionary.

>> we were thinking we should come up with our own word. we're going to start a campaign.

>> oh, boy.

>> so, our producers, our brilliant, brilliant producers came up with this ridiculous word.

>> is this adam miller 's fault?

>> yes.

>> adam and tammy

>> okay, adam. here's our word. this is truly a campaign we're launching. so we need you to help us. we think this should be your word of the day . digin.

>> digin' means to use social media . so for example, willie, go ahead.

>> hey, natalie , what are you doing over there?

>> i'm --

>> natalie , what is that?

>> i can't even say it --

>> say it. it's going to take off.

>> i'm digin right now.

>> you're digin' right now?

>> oh my gosh.

>> digin'.

>> spelled


>> d-i-g-i-n-apostrophe

>> not diggin, digin

>> like digital in.

>> see how smooth this is going. it's kind of when you won't stop checking and somebody is at dinner and you're like hey, natalie , stop digin.

>> like that. quit your digin' natalie .

>> summer stock , i did some summer stock

>> sure did. i was frederik in the sound of music

>> i could tell.

>> how did that go?

>> it went pretty well actually. i had knee socks and little shorts. i'll show you some pictures. i had a jazz heel on my shoe

>> we can't wait to see those. can you sing for us?

>> no, you do the singing on this show.