TODAY   |  October 11, 2013

Meet the brothers behind ‘What Does the Fox Say’

Bard and Vegard Ylvisaker, also known as Norwegian pop duo Ylvis, are the brothers behind “The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?).” the catchy novelty song. The brothers explain their motivation in creating the earwig, which was actually intended to be an “anti-hit” song.

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>> on youtube, all together --

>> what does the fox say? we have been talking about it all morning.

>> the music video by comedians in a little over a month this thing racked up more than 100 million hits on youtube. these are the guys behind it.

>> what did al roker say.

>> hi guys.

>> you got it.

>> not even close.

>> i don't know whether to high five you or have you arrested. i'm not sure.

>> we both --

>> are you surprised by the popularity of this.

>> absolutely.

>> all according to plan.

>> is this something your whole life you pondered what does the fox say?

>> not our whole life. it's probably a half year old ponder.

>> yes, the whole idea you guys were trying to produce an antihit. well, that really worked out for you. it certainly backfired. it's top of the charts even on itunes.

>> we wanted to go home to norway and say we worked with the top producers in new york and the only thing we could think about was the fox.

>> it's just sing sinking in what happened?

>> it has been sinking this for awhile but this last month has been ridiculous obviously and a couple of days ago we did fallon and you're standing there turning your head over and suddenly jimmy fallon is like this. just going with the drums. it's really strange.

>> what do you follow up with?

>> we don't know.

>> the wolf.

>> many people said the giraffe.

>> you're going to really stick your neck out on that one.

>> nice.

>> have you answered the question, what does the fox say? [ inaudible ]

>> it has to be one of them.

>> foxes are very individual so we covered the whole spectrum.

>> you guys are going to perform this for us.

>> yeah.

>> pure genius that you transcribe it at the bottom of the video.

>> this was the plan. this was our main goal. we were sitting back home in norway saying if we're going to perform this on today show how are we going to do it? and then we made the song about the fox.

>> worked out well.

>> world domination cannot be far behind . congratulations to you.

>> thanks guys.

>> that is what is trending