TODAY   |  October 11, 2013

Peanut butter could provide early Alzheimer’s clue

Scientists at the University of Florida have discovered that patients with a confirmed diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease could smell peanut butter with one nostril but not the other. According to the research, the scent of peanut butter is detected by a specific nerve that is typically damaged by Alzheimer’s.

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>>> could the key to detecting alzheimer 's be in this jar? well, scientists say it just may be. scientists at the university of florida say when they gave a scoop of peanut butter to patients that have that disease, they noticed a striking difficulty in detecting it's smell. so why did they use peanut butter ? apparently it's sent is one of the few smells picked up by a nerve.

>> you can detect alzheimer 's if you can smell this.

>> which is amazing because alzheimer 's is to difficult to detect