TODAY   |  October 11, 2013

Study: Women determine desirability by a kiss

Pucker up, men! A new study by the Archives of Sexual Behavior finds that women use kissing to size up potential mates, and are even likely to change their perspective on a man based on the way he kisses.

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>> really is in his kiss. a new survey finds that women in particular value kissing so much that they're more likely to change their opinion of a man based solely on the smooch. they studied primate behavior noting that even apes kiss. kissing by primates and humans helps establish and keep bonds in a relationship and the primary reason to kiss is not sexual arousal.

>> oh, there you go.

>> that's love.

>> he loves like a kisser.

>> and the kiss seen around the world.

>> apparently it's more important to women than men.

>> yes. i think that's true.

>> nothing worse than a slobbery