TODAY   |  October 11, 2013

Toyota cleared from lawsuit over sudden acceleration

A jury in Los Angeles has deemed the automaker not liable for the 2009 fatal accident caused by a Toyota’s sudden acceleration.

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>>> decided the awe toy maker wasn't liable in a 2009 lawsuit stemmed from a fatal accident on acceleration. an accident that plagued toyota .

>> what percentage of responsibility of harm do you assign to toyota ? 0%.

>> it was a bittersweet victory. a los angeles jury deciding it was the driver of another vehicle and not the toyota motor corporation responsible for the car accident that killed the 66-year-old.

>> we felt that toyota was responsible for my mom's death. but unfortunately, the jury didn't find that way.

>>> the family blamed a defective accelerator in the 2006 toyota camry that caused her to lose control of the vehicle. this was one in a series of lawsuits against the company over unintended acceleration leading to more federal fines for the auto maker . they said we're congratulate identified that the jury concluded the design of the 2006 camry didn't contribute to the unfortunate accident.