TODAY   |  October 11, 2013

Baker to Starbucks: I invented ‘duffin’ before you

American baker Bea Vo is the owner of adored London tearooms  “Bea’s of Bloomsbury,” and her customers enjoy her “duffin” creation, which is a cross between doughnut and a muffin. She featured them in her 2011 cookbook, and now Starbucks is selling duffins in the UK too. NBC’s Michelle Kosinski reports.

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>> supposed to be britain's answer to the cronut. remember that? this is called the duffin and there's a little controversy over the breakfast treat recently rolled out by starbucks . michelle kosinski is live in london with that. good morning to you.

>> reporter: behold the duffin. it's part doughnut, part muffin. the owner has been taking these for years. she put them in her cook book and named them and bakes hundreds every day. well, all of a sudden starbucks has a duffin virtually identical and now they have trademarked the name. we all it is serious business when pastries collide. the cronut the crookie, the duffin. the duffin she create twod years ago is her hot item and could not believe this.

>> it looks interesting.

>> reporter: starbucks unveiled it's own duffin same name saying we sat together with our bakers and pondered how you could make a muffin go one step further. they also chose buttermilk, rosemary and raspberry jam and now they trademarked the name in the uk.

>> they were saying does starbuck not know how to use google.

>> she had tons of press and before her others had doughnut muffin hybrids which is why she didn't think about trademarking her.

>> the claim that they had invented it involves a little bit of eye rolling.

>> reporter: now starbuck's site aims to set the record straight . we have discover there had are other duffins out there and adding there's no plans to try to stop her from selling hers. comfort to many of her fans. and more comments on the website. naughty, very naughty. british fury over duffin gate.

>> reporter: well, the plot may thicken. the owner has a sign out explaining what's going on and asking if anyone knows any good copyright lawyers. she is weighing her options. we pressed starbucks to explain more, how exactly did theirs turn out so very similar to bea's but she relied on the statement on the website.

>> we need to sample them.

>> what literary device did michelle just use. the plot is thickening like muffin batter.

>> metaphor.

>> metaphor. thank you very much.

>> the wait is almost over . what does the fox say?