TODAY   |  October 11, 2013

Reports: Ariel Castro’s death may not have been suicide

New reports from the Ohio Department of Corrections question the cause of death of the Cleveland kidnapper. The documents say Castro’s death may have been accidental, due to autoerotic asphyxiation. NBC’s Kevin Tibbles reports that the two guards responsible for watching Ariel Castro’s cell have been placed on administrative leave.

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>>> new questions this morning about the cleveland kidnapper ariel castro 's suicide. natalie has those headlines.

>> that's right. good morning. the death of ariel castro found dead in his cell last month, a just released report suggests the death may not have been a suicide and questions remain about why he wasn't being watched more closely while in his prison cell .

>> reporter: convicted cleveland kidnappers ariel castro was discovered hanging by a bed sheet september 3rd , just weeks into his mandatory life sentence .

>> i'm not a monster. i did not prey on them.

>> reporter: revelations in a ohio department of corrections report now suggest the death may not have been suicide but possibly the result of accidentally choking himself during a sex act in his cell. the report also alleges two guar guar guards falsified documents as to when they checked on castro .

>> he was arrested in may of holding three young women in his home for more than a decade. after his cell, michelle knight said life behind bars was the best punishment.

>> you don't deserve that. you deserve to spend life in prison .

>> reporter: while he did elude to taking his own life in a 2004 letter no suicide note was found in his cell. only a few pictures and an open bible. nbc news, chicago.