TODAY   |  October 11, 2013

New poll shows public blames GOP for shutdown

A new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll found that more than 50 percent of Americans blame the Republican party for the government shutdown, and the approval rating for the GOP continues to sink. NBC’s Chuck Todd reports.

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>>> we heard people voice their frustrations about the shutdown in congress. now a new wall street journal poll shows how angry they are. chuck todd , good morning.

>> good morning.

>> people don't like washington but there is one party that's getting more of the blame according to this poll.

>> the shutdown has been, there's no sugar coating this, a political disaster for the gop. here's who is to blame. 53% blame congressional republicans for this. 31% blame president obama . during the 95 shutdown republicans got more blame but never crossed 50%. this is unprecedented even for shutdown politics.

>> and there's a question about who puts political interests first and the republicans fair badly on that as well.

>> very badly. 70% said they were picking politics over the country. this includes even 40% of republicans . president obama , 51% say politics over the country.

>> and let's talk about the republican party in general. if midterm elections were held next month instead of next year, what might we see?

>> the only good news in the poll is the date. it's october 2013 . not 2014 . this negative view of the republican party in our poll, 25 year history of this poll, it has never been lower than this. 53% negative view for the republican party and when you look at the match up between democrats and republicans who would you like to control congress, democrats have an 8 point lead. they haven't had a lead like this in four years since the six week period when president obama was inaugurated. this is what the shutdown has done to the republican party .

>> however, people do not like this position i won't negotiate.

>> the only talking point that republ republicans have sold is why won't you negotiate mr. president? most of the things we have seen in this poll, though, democrats have rallied around the president but republicans , particularly non- tea party rememb republicans are backing off the republican party .

>> and politicians do their own polls. these are flying around capitol hill . is that why we're saying movements?

>> not to say our poll is creating urgency but our poll -- no other major poll is done this way.

>> republican and democrat.

>> this one sent shockwaves last night. the urgency to flip the switch on this among republicans is at the highest point we've seen in weeks.