TODAY   |  October 11, 2013

Edward Snowden ‘adapting’ to new life in Russia

NSA leaker Edward Snowden says he loves the United States but is adapting to his new life in Russia after he was granted asylum. His lawyer says he’s received high-paying job offers to do computer programming there. NBC’s Richard Engel reports.

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>>> now to the new imagine of edward snowden . our first look at the nsa leaker since he sought asylum in russia . the government may have missed warning signs about snowden years ago. let's turn to richard engle. good morning.

>> good morning. he says according to americans that met him in russia he loves the united states and is grateful that russia granted him asylum.

>> reporter: the first glimpse of edward snowden in russia is him holding an award, a prize for whistle blowing. it was given to snowden by four other americans all exintelligence and security who support that the young computer expert, formerly with the nsa revealed classified information about american intelligence programs including the collection of u.s. phone and e-mail records.

>> we have more and more whistle blowers coming to the government accountability project than we had before. so i think if the u.s. is trying to clamp down and send a message by making an example, courage is containo contagious and he's had a wonderful effect for the u.s. and the world.

>> reporter: he told nbc news he is settling in well in russia and might not return home.

>> he is healthy and well rested. centered and grounded. he was funny and engaging. he did not seem worried. he did not seem to have lost weight or appear pale or sick in any kind of way. he's been reading russian authors and studying russian history and trying to understand the politics.

>> reporter: but snowden apparently also worries elements of the u.s. government want to kill him. there's no evidence he's an actual target. that would be illegal.

>> we asked him about it and he shook his head. you know, so he is aware of these things.

>> reporter: snowden according to his lawyer is now looking for a new job and has received many high paying offers to work in computer programming in russia . and today on the cover of the new york times, a report that four years before these last leaks came out, the supervisor snowden was working with at the cia said in a warning in his report that he was a possible leaker. how that was passed over in a background check is unexplained.

>> a lot of questions. thank you so much.