TODAY   |  October 10, 2013

‘Holy mackerel!’ Husband blown away by Ambush Makeover

Stylist to the stars Louis Licari and TODAY contributor Jill Martin give head-to-toe makeovers to two visitors to the plaza, including a woman who admits her dog is better groomed than she is.

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>>> we are back with more of "today." if it's thirsty thursday then it's time for plaza ambush makeovers.

>> two lucky ladies braved the chilly weather outside for their chance to get a brand new look courtesy of our crack makeover team. luis licari.

>> and today contributor and contributing editor for people style watch and author jill martin.

>> how was it outside on the plaza?

>> today was one of the most exciting days for us. because we've never had so many signs.

>> really?

>> it is growing every week.

>> and a pet.

>> and a pet.

>> first off, ortensia barrera from los angeles , california. she told us her daily beauty routine consists of showering and running out the door. she's always up for an adventure and jumped at the chance for a whole new look. let's take a listen.

>> surprise! i know you weren't expecting this.

>> i was not and i'm a little offended if you want to know the truth.

>> just so you know, we look for beautiful people in the crowd and we say to ourselves, could we make them more glam.

>> that's a good save. i'm not buying it, but i'm excited and can't wait.

>> i love to see what you can do with this.

>> i love her. and i know you have one request for your friend.

>> got to protect her hair. she's got amazing hair.

>> we don't have to protect her personality because she has that intact. do you trust us ? you okay with this?

>> yes.

>> there was a slight hesitation.

>> all right. she's here with her friend anna . anna , you have your pliblindfold on. she's got attitude, too. here your blindtold on. here's ortencia before. come on out.

>> oh, my gosh! oh!

>> ann, are you ready? take off your blindfold.

>> oh, my god! you look amazing!

>> are you ready to see yourself?

>> oh, my gosh!

>> is that me?

>> that's you.

>> we're the other ones.

>> i like the new way of doing this.

>> spin right back around.

>> gorgeous.

>> thank you.

>> tell us about the hair. the whole goal of today's segment was to keep the hair simple so that you can maintain the look when she goes back to california. so this is a simple bob haircut , the swept bangs. i barely lightened her hair and added the highlights. you look like a southern california girl, darling.

>> what do you think, anna .

>> amazing. i've never seen her with makeup or heels.

>> yeah, the dress, jill.

>> isn't it great?

>> she looks amazing.

>> new by cherry from edress me. of course we love red. she said she's never worn anything like it and she's never really walked in heels.

>> how do those feel?

>> good?

>> great.

>> she's just getting them.

>> you look fabulous.

>> a big round of applause.

>> go join your friend right over there.

>> second lady is thea rosen, 69 from new york city . she used to dress to the nines when she was younger but now that she's older, she goes with what's comfortable. she begged us to make her glam all over again. all right. let's listen to her story.

>> a note from lexi . i had my grooming yesterday. please make this my mom's day. i love that. so why do you want this makeover?

>> we are just retired. and we're moving to florida . and she has made my day.

>> oh.

>> she snapped. i don't know how happy she is.

>> marvin , what do you think?

>> this is the love of my life . it won't make her heart better, but it will make her face better.

>> marvin , we love you. you're picked. let us go.

>> that is her husband marvin and their dog lexi . lexi is not happy, but, anyway, let's take one last look at thea rosen before and let's see if she is ready to make the trip to florida .

>> oh, yeah. oh, yeah.

>> you look great.

>> marvin is going to flip. marvin , are you and lexi ready?

>> i'm ready.

>> all right, baby. take off the blinders.

>> holy mackerel. holy mackerel! wow! i don't think lexi recognized you. she's staring. look at that.

>> she's looking.

>> she is staring.

>> take a look at yourself .

>> oh, i love it.

>> look at that hairstyle.

>> oh, i knew i had potential.

>> you sure do.

>> i love that cut. delightful hairstyles.

>> isn't it great? and, of course, what he wanted to do was use the curl, but control the curl so she can maintain it herself at home. and enid put individual eyelashes on to keep -- emphasize the eyes. i always like to emphasize one feature. eyelashes are the perfect way to do it but very natural looking and added a little depth to the color. you can keep it up easily in florida .

>> marvin , what do you think?

>> look at marvin .

>> what can i tell you. she's the love of my life .

>> you guys have been married how long?

>> 30-some odd years. three children her. three children mine. six ours.

>> you guys are the bread bunch.

>> seven grandchildren.

>> she wants the dog.

>> lexi .

>> great job.

>> that's a hot dress.

>> that's the dress. the story is amazing. the dog.

>> come on over.

>> marvin , try to control yourself.

>> come on over.

>> thank you, ladies.