TODAY   |  October 10, 2013

Paris Hilton knows how to have a ‘Good Time’

With 50 retail stores worldwide, 17 different product lines and 16 fragrances, Kathie Lee and Hoda have to wonder how Paris Hilton makes time for it all. The global heiress recently re-entered the music industry with her new single “Good Time,” featuring Lil Wayne.

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>>> she is the gorgeous heiress who became a household name hitting the most exclusive parties with some of the world's most famous celebrities. the club scene may not be paris hilt hilton's thing these days. but she hasn't slowed down focusing on her dozens, 50 retail stores . her fashion line, 16 fragrances that made over a billion dollars apparently and her music.

>> very fancy.

>> her latest single is called "good time." that's just what she's having these days.

>> hi, girl. how do you have time to have a good time if you are working so hard.

>> it's crazy. i'm having so much fun.

>> you step back into the music world again. what made you decide to go back there?

>> i just love music. it's always been a huge passion of mine. i've been in the past two years working hard on this album.

>> what's great about this song is it's not just you, it's lil wayne . have you been friends for years?

>> he's a great guy.

>> let's play a little piece see how you two mesh up. any time. i'm having a good time because i'm having a good time

>> apparently the rest of it we had to edit because lil wayne says some naughty things and you do some naughty things.

>> he has a little potty mouth in the song.

>> was it easy to get him to get on this record?

>> yeah, we've recorded a few songs together. we're on the same label.

>> when you step out and do something different than what people -- you are always going to open yourself for criticism. are you over that now? do you just not even read it, not let it get to you anymore.

>> i don't pay attention. i think people who talk bad about others are haters and they don't feel good about themselves. they like to speak bad about others.

>> you're just giving them power when you --

>> yeah.

>> interesting reading the note about -- i didn't know you had so many stores all over the world. 50 stores?

>> yeah.

>> where are they?

>> all in europe, asia, middle east and now we'll have one in maui coming up and l.a.

>> is it retail, clothes and makeup?

>> carries all my products. i have 17 different product lines . carries everything.

>> so you are quite the little kathy ireland , aren't you? fragrances, too, are your thing?

>> i'm about to release my 16th fragrance.

>> 16th?

>> and you are in the process of all of these things as well?

>> everything.

>> everything. i do a little bit of stuff and if you are going to be involved, it's a lot of work.

>> it is a lot of work.

>> you obviously spend a lot of time in hollywood and you can also take a look back at the big picture since you travel around. when you look in as like the latest news and see a miley cyrus who is, you know, getting a lot of headlines for good and bad reasons, what do you think? what advice if any, would you give to someone like hoar?

>> she's having fun . she's young. she wants to express herself. she doesn't care what anyone thinks. i think she's an artist. she can do what she wants.

>> so are you and so are we. i thought we'd play a little spin the bottle with you. i'm going to spin it. all right. hodie has a question for you.

>> i have to get up.

>> we don't do this that much.

>> here's the question. are we ready?

>> yes.

>> what does it say? if you were a cocktail, what would you be?

>> i would be -- strawberry daiquiri because i'm sweet.

>> aw. that's cute.

>> do we have time for one more, hoda?

>> we do.

>> your bra straps are showing, by the way.

>> of course they are, because i'm me.

>> i'm just going to take another one. this one says, who was your best kiss ?

>> you have plenty of time.

>> my boyfriend.

>> you are in a long-term relationship now, huh?

>> yeah.

>> and that's going well?

>> we've been together a year and a half.

>> is that a record, year and a half?

>> yeah.

>> he's cute, by the way.

>> just look at the pictures.

>> well, we wish you all the luck.

>> thank you.

>> god bless , hon.