TODAY   |  October 10, 2013

Roker down! Supersized Jenga game falls on Al

The Hub Network show “Family Game Night” features life-sized versions of some popular family games. The TODAY anchors play a lightning-round version of Jenga.

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>>> coming up next, family game night, a super sized edition of jenga. that's coming up, first this is "today" on nbc.

>> watch out family network, we got a giant size genga. we have our host todd with us.

>> hey.

>> that's a big one. supersized one.

>> whoever makes the tower fall.

>> go ahead, willie, be careful. we made this extra big.

>> we only have a minute here, natalie.

>> you go.

>> i will be brave and go for the middle.

>> al calls it, he's the one that gets to knock it down if it doesn't go unon its own.

>> oh.

>> oh! .

>> you are terrible at jenga.

>> two pieces.

>> we only had a minute.

>> you didn't even have a glass of ween.

>> that's cool. that's it.

>> we stack 'em.

>> family game night airs sunday. 7:00 eastern. 4:00 pacific.

>> kathie lee and hoda and a whole lot more after your local newsant weather. .

>> perfect, excellent.

>> always a pleasure, guys, thank you so much. test test test test test