TODAY   |  October 10, 2013

4 fashionable, affordable pairs of fall boots

Style expert Lilliana Vazquez shows how you can up your style quotient without breaking your budget with a variety of fall boots; two-tones, flats and slippers.

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>> i do it all the time. the founder of chic chicas is here.

>> men are not wearing over the knee boughts.

>> we will start with the women. over the knee boots scare women. nobody wants to have that pretty woman moment.

>> how high can you go?

>> you don't want to go too high. you want to keep them casual. i love a flad over flat over the knee boot. on kelly, we have this great blanket cost belted at the waist, a gorgeous flat designer for $199.99. can you find them.

>> men getting edgy with two tone.

>> i love when men add color. pick pops of color, like oranges an blues. on robert, we did a boot, it has a lot of blue in it. you bring the blue up into the outfit. can you do a played shirt from old navy. it's a spierry boot. super cute.

>> for women, oxford shoes for the shoe scene.

>> these are classically for men, women are self-conscious of wearing a flat shoe, they are taking over fashion t. 63 to pair them with federal government fin things, a shorter, flirty skirt. i found them for $29.98 on

>> can you do this with a kirt and say jeans?

>> you could not with a jean or pants. i would suggest doing it with a skirt or a dress. it feels more feminine and the tights.

>> it's all about comfort.

>> exactly. all about comfort. it's the easiest one, anyone can wear it.

>> they are not wearing them out and about?

>> dress up your lounge we're, we don't have them in pa ja mas.

>> you could wear these outside.

>> you could.

>> like pugs.

>> get your mail, have a cup of coffee outside, so you can can be comfortable and chic.

>> he is kind of wearing your pants.

>> let me say, they're very in right now.

>> track pants, not sweat pants , they are all the rage this season.