TODAY   |  October 10, 2013

6 common ‘scratch-your-head’ questions

Colleen Sullivan from HGTV discusses why it’s not recommended to put a rug without a pad on hardwood floors why reusing a plastic water bottle may not be a good idea.

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>> the woods.

>> do you find yourself, what about plucking out those grey hairs?

>> here with the answers, colleen sullivan, contributing editor, hgtv. good to see you.

>> how bad is it?

>> a game that's sweeping the nation.

>> willie, start with you, you are shopping for an area rug for your hardwood floors, how easy is it to forego a rug pad?

>> it goes underneath the rug.

>> it's not going to kill you, right? eh, 0 for 1. it's really bad. it will protect your floor. some ruks act almost like sandpaper, they can scratch your rug. sometimes the ink bleeds through and it can extend the life, the fibers are not going to get pressed down, it will make things more comfortable and spacey. a rug pad holds the rug down. you don't want your kids taking a magic carpet ride , safety is important. lots of rug pads on the market.

>> ask yourself why not?

>> you don't want to skimp. natalie , your turn. countertops.

>> you finished dinner, you need to wash the countertop, how bad is it?

>> i'm thinking bad because i done it, i i see what it does.

>> it is pretty bad. with amoneyia it can etch and dumb your countertops, grant or marshall, it doesn't have disinfectant. it doesn't clean up the food and bacteria. it's easy to grab that, don't do it. instead, buy an a.ia free multi-use product made for countertops.

>> it doesn't matter? right.

>> i grab the first thing under the sink, pledge, that's a bad idea.

>> willie, here is the chance to come back. you are working key girls, you drink from your disposable water bottle , you refill it. how bad is it?

>> you feel like are you doing a good thing but it's bad, plastics are leaking into the water?

>> it's pretty bad. before you open, ding, ding, ding, before you open a water bottle , it's not 100% sterile, every time you take a swick the bacteria and germs in your mouth, how can you clone that? the mouth is so small, you know what will happen if you throw it in the did she washer, lock for alummium or a bpa free plastic bottle .

>> bowling alley , how bad is it to wear these shoes?

>> natalie , it's saturday afternoon, how bad is it to wear the rented shoes?

>> i think if i'm wearing sock, i am okay.

>> natalie , without socks, that's disgusting.

>> it's not so bad, granted, 100 people have worn those shoes before you, probably sweated in those shoes. yes, you can get athlete foot fungus the simple solution is wear socks, if are you hypervigilant, take some powder.

>>> it's raining, winner gets the dog.

>> winner gets the dog.

>> he's muddy and wet, you throw him in the tub. how bad is it to use human shampoo, people shampoo on your dog?

>> i don't think it's terrible. it's shampoo, right?

>> it's horrible, it's super bad . your dog's skin is super sensitive, what happens is it strips the oil on your dog, which makes it sus sentibusceptible to viruses.

>> good job there.

>> really quick, pulling grey hairs, is that okay?

>> do i this all the time.

>> you will damage your hair follicle . you will then have thinning hair because it won't grow back. coming up next,