TODAY   |  October 10, 2013

How to treat pain in your back, knees, head

Sports medicine physician Jordan Metzl demonstrates how doing planks and jump squats and exercising with plyometrics can help back and knee pain.

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>> it's something tens of millions of americans suffer from every day, chronic pain , whether it's your back, knees, migraine pain, it can be debilitating and takes a toll on your body.

>> how can you get relief? a physician here in new york is treating chad blankenship for back pain, elliot for knee pain. audrey halperin is a chief here along with her patient migraine sufferer katherine schaefer. the let me start first with low-back pain, i, myself, suffered from it in my life as well. 31 million people suffer. chad, are you among those, tell me what your symptoms are.

>> just lower back pane on the left side, it's kind of been a chronic issue for me exacerbated a few years ago when i bent over to pick up a sock.

>> just out of nowhere?

>> out of nowhere.

>> what have you do on the relieve this?

>> a lot of pyrometrics strength training . he coached me and i had in the beginning cortisone shots.

>> so the doctor here, you prescribe, you try to lock for other solutions besides going for the medicine or the surgery here?

>> that's right. so cad came in, ewants to be active. the first question is how do we make his back start to feel better? right away, he was having pain shooting down his leg. that was just to get rid of the pain, our formula was how to we fix this so his back doesn't become debilitated, he doesn't become a statistic. he had a mountain co climb, we helped him do it literally. one we got rid of the pain, we put him on exercises.

>> plank exercises.

>> chad has become a plank expert. you can do it like chad is zrath or do it on your elbows, which is a little easier for your shoulders, you hold this 30 second or a minute. there is a few different positions the idea of this exercises, it strengths the front and back muscle and strengthens the spine muscle.

>> strengthens the core.

>> give your kids a place to sit.

>> which will only exacerbate the back pain, thank you, chad, are you free now, a chronic pain area are the knees. we have an example of that. tell me about elliot , your problem with the knees, when did it all start?

>> as long as i can remember, i had knee pain for about 20 years.

>> in both knees or one?

>> what have you done to relieve that?

>> well, it's a lot of --

>> azvil.

>> before i met dr. metzel, because of my surgery, many surgeries i have to have a lot of discomfort in the knees.

>> what did the doctor prescribe here?

>> when elliot showed up, he had been 50 pound heavier, another surgery would have been his sixth. so i told him, first of all, have you arthritis in your knees. that's what's bothering you. we have to control the pain, first of all. we got him a series of synthetic injectable joint fluid disco supplements.

>> that helped reduce the pain. like chad, i got him started on strengthenning exercises to strengthen the muscles around the know, that helped the symptoms, he is 50 poundlighter and is playing basketball.

>> elliot has become the squat king of brooklyn.

>> that's a lot of pressure on the knees. go ahead. isn't that pressure on the knees?

>> so he is, we got elliot working on good squats. he does about 50 a day. he is doing good form here. as he gets good at this we have him do a jump in there. that's called plyometrics.

>> given he has bad knees.

>> he couldn't do it before, as we reduced the pain, he was able to strengthen a lot.

>> good thing you lost weight, too, that taxi the pressure off the body. you look great, thank you. okay. over here, headaches, migraines, they can be absolutely debilitating. we have dr. halperin with us. katherine, you have been a long time sufferer, you suffered with them your entire life.

>> my entire life.

>> is it debilitate something you have to get in a dark room?

>> it can be. they get more severe. it can affect my work.

>> dr. halperin the most effective treatment for this besides say medicine, you also prescribe diet an exercise.

>> absolutely. medicines are important in helping to reduce the visibility with migraines, there are lifestyle and behavioral changes people can make for long-term benefits to help decrease the frequency and decrease the chances of having chronic migraines in the future. so regular exercise, eating a healthy and well balanced diet and especially getting enough sleep.

>> and avoiding certain trigger foorksdz right? you hear about red wine , nuts, chocolate. are those things, is that still true? are those the things you should watch out for?

>> those are some of the foods on the list. everybody is different as well. so some people may have migraines triggered by red wine . others may be okay.

>> thank you all for being here. present it. coming up