TODAY   |  October 10, 2013

16 reasons why Europeans are better at life

From cheese and chocolates to leisure time and sexy accents, are Europeans just better at life than Americans? The TODAY anchors stand up for America, but with Penelope Cruz speaking for the opposing team, it’s hard to compete.

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>> europeans better than americans are? the website compiled 16 ways our friends across the atlantic supposedly have us beat. cheese, better cheese, vacation time, yes, you know, austrians get 35 paid days every year. chocolate.

>> yes.

>> i think i would agree.

>> and what about this? you know the european, they love to enjoy a long lunch, perhaps a glass of wine. we basically invented fast food .

>> all right, here's one of a different accent. sexy accents, here's them versus us.

>> i do another scene from casablanca which you cannot do at 14.

>> penelope cruz .

>> exactly.

>> i would like to take exception. i think we do a very good job of cheese here.

>> velveeta.

>> there are some fantastic artisnal keys.

>> what do we do better?

>> baseball.

>> pickup trucks.

>> i was going to say burgers and hot dogs .

>> i was going to say french fries , but french.

>> they copy it. you go anywhere in you're they have mcdonald's.

>> action movies.

>> they may have invented pizza, i feel we've perfected it. usa!

>> well, trending on usa today , a man a cut above