TODAY   |  October 10, 2013

Is obese the new healthy? Study says yes, sometimes

Researchers are perplexed to find that many people who are significantly overweight nonetheless tend to have healthy blood pressure, normal cholesterol levels, and are considered to be “metabolically healthy” overall. Scientists conclude that the bodies of healthy obese people are able to generate fat cells that accommodate stored fat as it increases.

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can someone be both significantly obese and met bolically healthy? researchers say it's possible. these are overweight people, who by the way also have normal cholesterol levels, no blood pressure and normal signs for diabetes. they make room for if you fat tissue and that helps improve their overall health. of course, no one recommends this.

>> right.

>> back when i was at my heaviest, my cholesterol level was low. my blood pressure was good. i still probably would have died.

>> we're all going to die.

>> but i still, it was one of those things i was a ticking time bomb . i technically was okay.