TODAY   |  October 10, 2013

Dutiful citizen keeps DC memorials tidy during shutdown

Equipped with a lawn mower and leaf blower, Chris Cox of South Carolina has taken it upon himself to maintain the grounds of Washington’s memorials after the shutdown suspended their usual care. The 45-year-old chain-saw sculptor says he will “stand shoulder to shoulder with National Park Services” to keep the grounds clear for the Million Vet March this weekend.

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>> a man a cut above all the d.c. bickering. earlier, we showed you the photo of chris cox , a south carolina man, he grabbed his lawn mower an garbage cannes and started cutting the grass at some famous washington memorials.

>> i'm here to stand shoulder to shoulder with the national park service . i to encourage americans around the country to come together.

>> this 45-year-old chainsaw skullt tore, he says he bought it at home depot for $100, he got a leaf blower , the park police have encouraged him to stop his work. he is doing this there is a million mile watch in washington. he wants to