TODAY   |  October 10, 2013

Hannah Anderson hugs riders who found her

Kidnap survivor Hannah Anderson and her father meet the four horseback riders who aided in her rescue. “They really wanted to give you a hug,” Savannah Guthrie explains.

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>> would you like to meet them some day?

>> yeah.

>> what if i told you they're here?

>> right now?

>> yeah. i can bring them out. would you like to meet them?

>> sure.

>> okay. we got christa and mark john and mike and mary young .

>> hi.

>> they really wanted to give you a hug.

>> how are you? h hi.

>> have a seat.

>> hi.

>> she is a hero, isn't she? i see tears in your eyes, miss christa.

>> i have a friend that looked like her, i put myself in a grandma's place, how i would feel. we are so thrilled and we brought you a hat from idaho.

>> oh.