TODAY   |  October 10, 2013

Hannah Anderson on slain mom, brother: ‘I miss them so much’

Two months after her mother and brother were killed and she was kidnapped, Hannah Anderson explains the role James Lee DiMaggio once played in her family’s life, and talks about how she’s adjusting after the ordeal.

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>> more on our exclusive interview with hannah anderson, she told us the time she found out her mother and brother were abducted by family friend jim dimaggio.

>> in the hospital when i got there, they the next night, they came in and told me that they died and that jim was dead, too. it kind of just didn't seem real in it i just thought about it a second and i just looked down.

>> i see that you must pictures of them on instagram and they're in your heart every day, how are you doing?

>> i miss them so much. sometimes it's like i wait for them to get home and then they're not there.

>> it's hard to just go on, i gues guess?

>> all right. this has been such a terrible unspeakable ordeal. how do you think hannah is doing?

>> first, in getting help and talking with each other, trying to get strong and know that we need to move forward, that's what her mother would want.

>> you got on social pedia pretty soon after you got back. one of the questions people asked apparently in the home they found a series of letters between jim and you from i think about a year ago or more than a year ago. can you explain what those letters were about?

>> a year ago my mom and dad split up and me and my mom really didn't get along a year ago so when i was having problems with her and i didn't have anyone to talk about it with, me and him instead of talking face to face , if we didn't have time or like calling, we'd write letters back and forth talking about like the situation and how to get through it.

>> i think this is so puzzleing because all of you describe somebody that you would never guess would do something leak this. but there was that time that he said something about having a crush on you. what did he say and what did you think?

>> i'd always want to bring my friend up to his house because we'd always play games and stuff and he'd get upset that it was a boy. and he would, he told me, he said, it's not that i don't want your friend up here, it's that i don't want to see you kissing your friends or anything like that because i have a crush on you. not a crush that like feeling a crush other than family, like i care about you and it kind of seemed like really weird.

>> did you try to kind of keep your distance a little bit more?

>> yeah, exactly. he got upset about that and would always text me and say that i was rude and i was trying to stay out of his life. basically, i was after that, but i couldn't because he was my dad's best friend and he was always there for my mom.

>> hannah , when you think about him now, how do you feel about him? are you angry? are you sad?

>> disgusted, shocked, mostly sick and angry.

>> there was an amber alert out for you, that's how the hikers put the pieces together. what would you want to say to them, if you could?

>> that would you i probably wouldn't be here right now and thank you.

>> would you like to meet them some day?

>> yeah.

>> what if i told you they're here?

>> right now?

>> yeah. i can bring them out. would you like to meet them?

>> sure.

>> okay. we got christa and mark john and mike and mary young .

>> hi.

>> they really wanted to give you a hug.

>> how are you? h hi.

>> have a seat.

>> hi.

>> she is a hero, isn't she? i see tears in your eyes, miss christa.

>> i have a friend that looked like her, i put myself in a grandma's place, how i would feel. we are so thrilled and we brought you a hat from idaho.

>> oh.

>> on behalf of the cowboys of idaho.

>> wow. thank you for coming all this way and most importantly to you, hannah , thank you for trusting us with your story.

>> thank you.

>> as a part of our conversation with hannah anderson, you can watch the complete interview