TODAY   |  October 10, 2013

Some Republicans may accept short-term debt deal

As the U.S. debt ceiling looms, some Republicans are said to be considering to accept a short-term debt limit deal. Meanwhile, the president spoke out yesterday, saying the country could be in economic turmoil if it doesn’t cover its debts. NBC’s Peter Alexander reports.

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>> later today, house republicans sit down with president obama for a meeting they say they rb waiting for. nbc's peter alexander is live with more on this.

>> reporter: savannah, good morning. there are short-term solutions out there. out of this meeting here at the white house this afternoon, the president republican leaders couldn't even agree on a guest list. president obama inviting all 232 house republicans, speaker john bohner insisting only 18 will come. how dysfunctional is d.c.? even the invite list for this afternoon's white house meeting required negotiations. with the u.s. barreling towards its borrowing limit the so-called debt ceiling deadline exactly one week away, there are few signs of real progress. house democrats huddleing with the president late wednesday.

>> the debt ceiling needs to be lifted.

>> reporter: among the glimmer of hope, some republicans are expecting a short-term deal and several top republicans have shifted their focus away from gutting the president's health care law . in an interview with wrc, president obama warned of economic turmoil if the u.s. doesn't cover its debt.

>> the financial markets can't even image than we would get into a point when we wouldn't be paying our bills.

>> reporter: still, a group of hard core republicans who summed up the debt limit diners insist the president is exaggerating the impact.

>> i'm not ab ro gaiting we go through the debt ceiling dead lean f. you go through it, it will not equal default.

>> reporter: most federal budget experts call that dangerous.

>> this is the equivalent of saying let's push the button on the nuclear bomb and see what happens after it goes off.

>> reporter: still texas senator ted cruz who spearheaded opposition to obama care is touting success. the tea party the eling "people" magazine he opposes the shutdown and added i think we have accomplished a great deal, we have elevated debate nationally. both parties are taking a hit in their ratings. the republican brand appears to be much worse a. if you gallup poll shows 28% of americans have a favorable view of the republican party . that's the lowest number since they began asking that question.