TODAY   |  October 09, 2013

Girl tries online dating with grandma as ‘wingman’

Kayli Stollak, 26, and her 75-year-old grandmother Gail sit down with Kathie Lee and Hoda to explain the crazy escapades that influenced their book “Granny Is My Wingman,” which chronicles the pair as they maneuver the world of online dating together.

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>>> your boyfriend breaks up with you after four years together. you're devastated. thrown back into the dating scene. chances are you would call your bef best friend .

>> not kayli stollak. she called her grandmother. granny, we're over here.

>> it's called "granny is my wingman." best title.

>> that's from her.

>> if i did i don't remember.

>> that's everybody's excuse these days for everything. why not wingwoman?

>> because wingman is the accepted --

>> she's my buddy, my pal. wingwoman sounds too cute. it's cute but more rough and real.

>> maybe want to change it to winggirl.

>> a lot she has to go out and have some fun.

>> and i do.

>> do you fight over advice?

>> i fight her on everything.

>> but she's always right.

>> yeah, annoyingly, yeah.

>> she is.

>> her best piece of advice is what you know is that you don't know. and that's the only thing you can count on. and that's the truth, you know.

>> of course.

>> if you really know --

>> did you not like this guy the whole four years she was going with him?

>> no, i did like him. that was truly a love affair .

>> he's a good guy. he got married.

>> he did? that's even worse than the breakup, i think.

>> were you happy for him?

>> i'm very happy for him.

>> it makes it feel very final. that's it.

>> so you didn't go to your mom. that's interesting.

>> she's the monkey in the middle , you know. i still have a little bit of that teenage daughter in me. like, mom, i've got my secrets but it gets to skip a generation with granny.

>> when your daughter was growing up, her mom, what was she like?

>> my daughter?

>> yeah.

>> oh, no. are you kidding?

>> skip a --

>> my mother was not alive and she didn't have that opportunity, unfortunately. but, no, she never came to me for advice.

>> would she have, though? was your mom like you?

>> was --

>> your mother like you?

>> like me?

>> yeah. was she a strong, smart woman?

>> she was. she was much more intellectual than i am.

>> you want your granddaughter to go out and have fun. yoor not telling her meet the right guy, settle down?

>> definitely not.

>> how come?

>> because i think it will happen when it happens and why put pressure on it? she's only 26 yaers old.

>> you can't make it happen.

>> and the more experiences, the more knowledge --

>> who is the right kind of guy for your granddaughter?

>> good question.

>> kayli is a very strong-minded, strong woman . very strong willed.

>> would he be good or a little too old?

>> he's gorgeous.

>> forget about her.

>> get in line.

>> why did you decide to put this in book form? it will be one of those things a lot of people smile when they see the title.

>> it started out as a blog. and then there was so much backstory about her affair, my relationship and none of that was in the blog. so we kind of want ed to tell the story around it.

>> what about the affair?

>> what about it?

>> oh, sad, we're out of time.

>> you'll have to read the