TODAY   |  October 09, 2013

Kenny Rogers on Dolly Parton: ‘We just flirted’

Kenny Rogers promotes his newly released duet “You Can’t Make Old Friends” and indulges Kathie Lee and Hoda in the truth behind his rumored romance with Dolly Parton. “We just flirted with each other for 30 years,” he jokes as his wife Wanda looks on from backstage.

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>> everything.

>> three-time grammy winner .

>> do you talk at the same time?

>> over each other usually. three-time grammy winner , country music legend kenny rogers .

>> soon to be in the country music hall of fame .

>> i'll remember you two. just so you know. when i get in there, i'm going to say, yeah, i know kathie and hoda personally.

>> and for a long, long, long, long time. he has been churning out the hits forever. first country album in seven years. what the heck have you and rhonda been doing down there?

>> having kids.

>> i know you have 9-year-old twins, right?

>> justin and jordan.

>> the other day we did a show. i told them to watch the show. after it was over, he said, dad, you didn't tell people our names. i said i have twins 9 years old. he said, no, you said i have twins, 9 years old. so, justin and jordan.

>> you can't make old friends, puts you in a great mood.

>> i did a show in california called stage coach . this guy comes walking back. he is about 30. he says, hey, kenny , i'm ryan king, william king of the commodores son. i was sitting, talking to friends of mine the other day and we started talking about you and i realized that some of my favorite childhood memories is when we would come to your place and visit in athens.

>> in georgia.

>> and i told my friends i just realized you can't make old friends and i thought, wow, what a great song that is.

>> that's a song title, baby.

>> we actually have a little bit of a video with you and dolly. let's watch for a second. and you come walkin' in i'll be there just waiting for you cause you can't make old friends you can't make old friends no

>> was there ever anything between you two back in the day?

>> rhonda is standing right there.

>> it would have been before her time. actually, everybody thought we were having an affair, because we traveled -- we didn't travel together but we were on tour together for two years. and we didn't. we just flirted with each other for 30 years.

>> it's more fun.

>> oh, it is. keeps the tension there.

>> sexual tension, like hoda and i have. it's important. it's really important.

>> should i change seats?

>> one of the writers of this song is the guy that wrote "the gambler," too, right?

>> yes.

>> such a great writer.

>> he wrote that song the greatest, the about the kid that plays baseball.

>> when i met kenny , honestly, i was at the landmark hotel in vegas .

>> in vegas .

>> before they blew it up because -- you know. you were there with first edition at the hilton lounge. and the only thing that got me through this vegas situation was that every single night, i went over and listened to you. and then b.b. king would come in for the two weeks. remember you guys --

>> oh, sure.

>> i've always been crazy about kenny , never dreamed we would become friend.

>> are you and dolly going to go on the road and sing this song?

>> we talked about it, but she can't work like i do. i work 15 days in a row. she said i just can't do that. we're trying to work something out. the record is going to do really well it looks like.

>> of course.

>> interesting, this is -- i'm the only person in the history of music to have a charted record in six decades.

>> i thought cher did.

>> you and cher .

>> i don't want to break your heart.

>> she better not. i never liked her. now i have to stick around until i'm --

>> you have to make it seven and show that cher . show that cher .

>> people need to see wanda.

>> please come here.

>> she is so beautiful. and there's two of wanda is a twin.

>> i thought it was shania twain .

>> how long have you been married ?

>> 21 years.

>> no, we've been together 21 years, married 16.

>> is it fun being married