TODAY   |  October 09, 2013

Your pooch won’t swallow pills? Ask the vet!

If you’re wondering why your dog won’t swallow pills or keeps eating your underwear, Dr. Tim Schwab shares some explanations and tips on how to keep your canine in tail-wagging health.

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>>> puppy love this morning. back with another installment of ask the vet. today the puppy edition.

>> good morning to you both.

>> good morning.

>> we have three very important topics. no one will be looking at us. we could be standing here nude with these puppies, right?

>> these are all shelter dogs.

>> all available from mainline animal rescue but three very crucial topics, vaccinations which all puppies need and then we have what a pooch should avoid, very dangerous things to eat and how to give our pooch a pill.

>> the first one, vaccines. how soon do you get your puppy vaccinated?

>> starting about 6 to 8 weeks you'll have your first visit with your veterinarian and go back every three to four weeks for a booster, okay? normally they do very well with them and don't have any side effects . they might be a little quite. a little tender.

>> yeah.

>> that's normal. but they can have a life threatening reaction. so we have some graphics. one of the big things we get worried about and that you'll watch for is a big swollen face and hives and this dog here was -- this is an allergic reaction , was treated and then there's an after picture that shows how dramatic that really is.

>> wow.

>> so pretty impressive.

>> that's a negative reaction too.

>> if you see something you're worried about go to our veterinarian and have them looked at because it's a pretty quick and good treatment that will reverse things very fast. so these animals have been treated. this is the same animal. it's pretty amazing.

>> this dog had parvo because she wasn't vaccinated in time.

>> now she's great.

>> she had all her shots.

>> like with children you have to check up on their vaccinations.

>> absolutely.

>> need to move over to the crazy things they can ingest.

>> underpants.

>> it's amazing.

>> so dogs, if you've ever had a puppy, they explore the world with their mouths so they eat everything. so just like with the kids, you don't want them to have little things in their mouth. puppy proof your house. they can rip out squeaker toys and swallow them. long pieces of rope. ladies underwear. so commonly they will eat anything. these rocks here are from a dog that ate half of it's body weight. here's the x-rays. that dog had surgery a couple of months ago and she is doing great.

>> wow.

>> she will live to bark about it.

>> the big things is if you have concerns your dog will get really quite and depressed. start to vomit. not want to eat. go to your vet and they can take x-rays.

>> and transition on what they need to eat to swallow a pill.

>> i have problems with this.

>> everybody has problems. don't try to get the pill in the first time. make it a game. make it fun tfor them. throw them a piece of banana and throw them the next one with the pill in it.

>> my dog hates peanut butter because she associates it with getting medicine.

>> she knows?

>> yeah, there's other things, you can put it in the back of their throat and these are full of flour but if you can get them to hold still and open their mouth and put it in the back and close their mouths. some dogs are harder to do than others. make sure that they get them because there are certainly dogs that will keep it in their mouth, spit it out later.

>> and doggie treats, do you want to try one?

>> yeah, these are pill pockets where you can hide the pill within this and you give it to them. a lot of dogs really do like it.

>> well, these gorgeous dogs we should mention all up for adoption from mainline animal rescue . go to and we'll tell you about more information on that as well. you