TODAY   |  October 09, 2013

Meet students using code to improve education

Two winners of the Robin Hood Foundation’s “Innovation Challenge”as well as a judge in the competitiontalk to TODAY’s Al Roker about how the program gives students the computer coding skills they’ll need to get in-demand jobs in computer science.

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>>> this morning on education nation, the new school's venture fund and robin hood foundation are partners where teams competed for 75,000 dollars innovation in education prize. zach and jeremy are the winners of the challenge. congratulations guys. here with one of the judges, the executive director of the robin hood foundation .

>> thank you, good to be here.

>> a job well done. the idea is let's make computers in computer science school.

>> absolutely. it's a website to teach computer science and programming online with a focus on high school .

>> so prize was handed out yesterday. what was the reaction when you found out you won?

>> we were so excited. there's a million jobs in computer science education and what we're hoping to do is make it fun and accessible for beginners.

>> what were you looking for as a judge in this contest.

>> robin hood fights poverty. these guys will help tons of people get high paying jobs.

>> all right. guys, we appreciate it. thank you so much. you can see more of education nation all week long on all the platforms of nbc news.