TODAY   |  October 09, 2013

Long Island middle school bans toys, games at recess

Students at Weber Middle School in New York are no longer allowed to play with footballs, soccer balls, or any other sporting equipment that might cause injuries. The list of banned activities also includes games of tag and cartwheels.

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>> bing, check this out, no fun allowed. a new york middle school banned footballs and baseballs like the ones on the table in front of us. even games with tag and cart whe cartwheels during recess.

>> come on.

>> officials decided too many students were getting hurt. so you can use softer nerf balls and things like at a but the students aren't happy. some parents say this is probably the school's way of avoiding lawsuits.

>> come on.

>> how are they supposed to learn how to play sports when not playing with the real balls.

>> they go to the house