TODAY   |  October 09, 2013

Royal love: Rumors swirl that Prince Harry could propose

Rumors are swirling that Prince Harry may soon propose to love interest Cressida Bonas. Could there be another royal wedding in the near future? NBC’s Kier Simmons reports.

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>>> romance. who is the woman that seems to have got prince harry 's heart. we get keir simmons on an airplane and get him to new york, right?

>> right. it's been awhile since we had a big royal story.

>> yeah.

>> prince harry could be about to get engaged. the talk the royal bad boy is ready to settle down with a girl that friends affectionately call cressy. she has been pictured with the prince many times. they have tried to make it seem like they weren't together but this snap gave it away. now the gossip is of marriage.

>> everyone now expects next year there will be a proposal.

>> reporter: the next princess bride asks the latest issue of people magazine .

>> it seems like perfect timing. she maybe the right girl and she seems to be in the right frame of mind to settle down.

>> reporter: she is from a very smart family but likes to dress down. fun loving, free spirited, right up harry's street and it looks like he is in love. even though in january harry said he wouldn't be rushed.

>> i don't think you can ever be urged to settle down. you wait until you find the right person and if everything feels right, then it takes time.

>> reporter: the birth of william and kate's child in july may have changed things.

>> he has given interviews where he talked about yearning for what his brother william has with a wife and child.

>> reporter: but with his party boy reputation, the pictures in vegas and the pressures of royal life, finding the right girl isn't easy.

>> you're never going to find someone that's going to jump into the position they would hold. simple as that.

>> reporter: could she be the one to make that leap in some in royal circles whisper she already said yes.

>> whispering.

>> and not encouraging the speculation so i texted a palace official that said he wouldn't comment on the story. he said there have been tales before and there will be tales again.

>> did he whisper that?

>> yeah, in a text message.

>> i hear hearts breaking everywhere.

>> but you get the exclusive interview after the engagement is announced and your first question is surely what attracted you to this rich prince?

>> keir, thank you very much.