TODAY   |  October 09, 2013

New details surface in saga of 9-year-old plane stowaway

A 9-year old boy who somehow made it through security checkpoints and onto a plane Minneapolis to Las Vegas is still with child protective services in Nevada while police investigate how he managed to board the flight. NBC New’s John Yang reports.

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>> stowaway on a flight from minneapolis to las vegas . we're learning about how he got through security and we're hearing from his father. john yang is live in minneapolis . john, good morning to you.

>> reporter: good morning, matt. that's right. this morning the 9-year-old's father tells nbc news he tried to get help for his son's behavior problems and now he wants his son back home but sources tell us he is still in las vegas in child protective services custody and there's no indication yet of when he'll be flying back here to the minneapolis airport . the same week he snuck on to a flight to las vegas , authorities say the 9-year-old boy stole a 30 foot delivery truck in minneapolis before slamming it into a parked suv and crashing it into a police cruiser . at a local water park , sources close to the investigation say he would sneak in by joining big families. they say child protection services had been looking in on him since december. when he turned up in las vegas , his father who doesn't want his name used told nbc news by phone he thought his son was at a friend's house.

>> i take full responsibility of my actions. i miss my son. i want my son to come home.

>> reporter: the family spokesman said the boy's parents struggled with his behavior.

>> you know, they were frustrated and looking for help.

>> reporter: this morning, we're also learning more about the boy's mysterious trip. at the tsa checkpoint he got in between a family, similar to the reported water park trick. he then got a bin and removed his shoes even though children his age aren't required too. delta airlines is investigating the biggest mystery, how he got on to the plane. sources say security video shows him talking to a gate agent that turned away to talk to someone else. shortly after the three hour 20 minute flight took off they noticed him because he was sitting in a row by himself. they approached him and after he offered various explanations they radioed ahead to have authorities meet the plane. sources say that the boy's mother works here at the airport in a retail shop but there's no indication that she played any role in what he did and we may get a look at what he did when the airport releases security tapes as early as today.

>> john yang in minneapolis . thank