TODAY   |  October 08, 2013

Bring a budget-friendly wine to your next dinner party

Want to impress your host but stay under budget? Leslie Sbrocco, author of “Wine Guide for Women,” and Ray Isle, executive wine editor for Food and Wine Magazine, recommend bringing something crisp and classic. When in doubt, bring something that you love to drink!

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>>> some days are harder than others so we have to earn our paycheck and go on a little wine tasting .

>> if you are head edded to a dinner party and don't know what to bring we are about to sample wines for under $15 a bottle.

>> rye is from food & wine magazine . and leslie, is the author of wine for women. usually they battle but not today.

>> today we are happy. getting along.

>> a happy couple. bringing wines we love to dinner parties .

>> okay.

>> these are all under $15. you don't have to spend a lot to impress. they are bottles. we'll start with rose bubbles.

>> really?

>> our theme is bring something you love. you know i'm a bubble girl.

>> that's smart. if they have crappy stuff you brought something you like.

>> it's important. you have to cover yourself.

>> this is one of spain's most famous sparkling wines made from pinot noir . dry, delicious.

>> that's delicious.

>> one of my favorites. beautiful.

>> that's fabulous.

>> so good.

>> for white wine , i thought it would be fun to bring a classic. one of the classic wines of any region. this is from france. hugo genteel. it was a noble grape variety. again, $14.99 or so. terrific, crisp. great apperetif.

>> i can't believe the the prices.

>> amazing.

>> delicious.

>> we'll load you up with one of your favorites.

>> i hope so.

>> another classic because you don't have enough glasses in front of you. this is chardonnay. this is from australia. this is a crisp, refreshing, new style from australia of chardonnay. this is jacob's creek . a really nice wine, refreshing.

>> i love it.

>> $8 a bottle.

>> stop it.

>> bigger is better.

>> look at that jumbo.

>> you can bring this one for $15.

>> how much?

>> $15 for the magnum, two bottles.

>> pinot noir . everybody loves it.

>> hoda's favorite.

>> $10 pinot from the shoo fly. this is a terrific wine.

>> delicious.

>> stop it.

>> get out.

>> you have to make sure the guests have 17 glasses in front of them.

>> and make them clean up.

>> this is a terrific red called besieged. wine that tells a story. a beautiful red blend.

>> the last one here. this is the one --

>> sweet wine .

>> we'll make a taste.

>> port.

>> nick, your son, it's his 12th birthday.

>> love you.