TODAY   |  October 08, 2013

Wow! Amazing touch up tips for an on-the-go woman

TODAY contributor Jill Martin shows off the best products for fixing fashion faux pas in a pinch, including a mini makeup remover pen and a razor-thin lip gloss that can fit almost anywhere.

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>>> we are back with more of "today" and another installment of jill's fashion emergencies when you're on the run and in a style kwapdry.

>> from a pen that re moves eye makeup to an app that lets you to the to shop yourself. what? contributing ed tor from people style watch jill martin.

>> and author.

>> i heard that rumor.

>> i'm excited about this. we are starting with beauty emergency. i pretepid ed i had a wild night out and i have makeup down my face. which i didn't. $3. this pen. i have already tried it. you go like this and it takes off the makeup.

>> without removing --

>> the rest of the makeup. isn't it great? $3.

>> wow.

>> that's fabulous for touch-ups. this half of me has this on. the other day you had glitter all over you.

>> i did. remember that?

>> this is moracco oil. it has a body line. just a little bit, you put on for shimmer.

>> i want it on my legs.

>> look at the color.

>> isn't it great?

>> yeah.

>> starting at $10.

>> that smells good.

>> it's the same as the hair stuff.

>> wow.

>> thank you.

>> on the go stuff, too, for traveling. when i have extra i i put it in my hair for fly-aways. out's oil with bronzer. look at this arm compared to this arm.

>> that one's gorgeous.

>> better than that one.

>> this is b fabulous. do you know when you want to take off the polish on your feet but don't want to run your manicure? i want you to see this.

>> lots going on down there.

>> put the cotton ball in this thing.

>> wow.

>> if you want to polish furniture, spray it on the thing and polish the furniture.

>> afterwards.

>> so you don't get it on your nails.

>> or wear gloves.

>> anyway, three for $3. hair lingerie.

>> yes.

>> you may think this is a cuff on my arm, but it is not. it's three hair bands . if i go out with all of you, we each have a hair band .

>> if it's windy -- wow.

>> they have bows.

>> look at a for the babies, too. you won't make a crease in your hair. you can wear it and look stylish.

>> rocking the side pony. it's cute.

>> okay. look at my tush. do you think i have anything in it?

>> yes. i feel it.

>> it is a lip gloss that's flat.

>> yes!

>> you can walk around or a small clutch.

>> put it where the sun don't shine.

>> in my phone case.

>> it's flat. so you want to be hands-free --

>> this is genius.

>> this is a clear iphone case. i printed out the same schedule. you could put -- this is blake, cass. put in notes for the day. in an emergency you don't want to forget. you need to drink before this. hoda, cath kathie lee .

>> you have everything in your purse. you have to go to a party. you just write on the glass. then it comes off. you can regift the wine.

>> wow!

>> wow.

>> this is major.

>> do it.

>> this is your no makeup shot. my friend lindsay, she fixes her picture.

>> what happened to my lip?

>> i will press "smooth." look. do you see what's happening?

>> takes off 20 years.

>> give me lips, please. it's very upsetting.

>> i like that.

>> hoda, you look 10.

>> where are my lips?

>> hold on. i'm trying to do everything at once. look at your teeth. ready? i'm whitening them.

>> that's rude. they are white.

>> just saying. look how great this is.

>> and --

>> hoda's zoned out.

>> you can reshape. say you your arm doesn't come out right. your arm looks good. but you can make it thinner.

>> that looks like i got hit by a truck.

>> if you take a bad