TODAY   |  October 08, 2013

Give a gold star to your Teacher of the Year

TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb announce the start of their Teacher of the Year Contest and reflect on the mentors that they had growing up. Nominations for the ultimate educator end Oct. 28, and the lucky grand prize winner will receive $10,000 worth of school supplies from

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>>> in case you haven't heard b nbc kicked off this year's education nation campaign and we have a big announcement to make.

>> before we tell you what it is we wanted to take a moment to honor our teachers.

>> many have had a major impact on the lives of students. here's what you had to say.

>> mr. rand was such a wonderful teacher. sometimes she would bring her guitar and sing lessons to us. she was just a wonderful person. she had such a good heart.

>> an important lesson mr. casey taught me is regardless of what's happening in your life you should always do what you believe is right.

>> a special memory ms. peg and i shared was last night when she came to my law school graduation. one of the first memories i have as her student was my preschool graduation. it was clear to see how everything came full circle .

>> my favorite teacher is joe chapman. he was my band instructor. the most important life lesson he taught us was to work hard and give it 110% at all times.

>> mrs. marx started out as my favorite teacher in elementary school . she's transitioned throughout the years to become one of my best friend s. she continues to be a wonderful confidante and friend.

>> all right. now it's time for the big announcement. we are looking for the teach er of the year. that's right. we are holding a contest looking for the most special teacher around. since almost all teachers spend their own money on supplies, the grand prize is $10,000 of classroom supplies.