TODAY   |  October 08, 2013

Orlando Bloom: My mom teased me over new role

The ultimate Hollywood heartthrob makes his Broadway debut as the lead male in “Romeo and Juliet.” He admits that though he has a Shakespearean past, the shoes of such an iconic romantic character are daunting to fill, and he continues to be humbled at “the chance to speak the poetry of William Shakespeare.”

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>>> all right. crazy day. orlando bloom , the perfect name.

>> it is.

>> orlando bloom .

>> bloom.

>> known for playing ultimate fantasy roles like in " pirates of the caribbean ." he tried to win kiera knightley 's heart and as the blond, blue-eyed elf prince in " lord of the rings ."

>> now making his broadway debut in " romeo & juliet ." we bet you know who he's playing.

>> mercutio.

>> that's one of the best roles ever written. so cool. you're on for, fiek tlike, the first act and then you're off.

>> playing romeo. was it daunting when you took it on initially?

>> it was. i have told the story a few times. mom likened it to me climbing everest out of the gate without ever climb climbing with obs generxygen. i studied with a voice coach . i never got to play a lead in a shakespeare play.

>> weren't you in the royal shakespeare company when you got a call for a film?

>> i had that opportunity when i was 20, 21, leaving drama school . i was like, let's go. this is perfect. it's the route that, if you are lucky, you get. then i had this ridiculous opportunity in " lord of the rings ." my agent knew it was on the cards because i had a meeting for it already. turned into the trilogy.

>> it's worked out well for you.

>> it certainlies has.

>> very, very well.

>> why did you decide to go back to broadway?

>> this is my debut. but back to theater, it's something that i feel i have picked up a thread in a way. i feel like i needed it in order to kind of feel whole and complete again, you know?

>> there is nothing like a live audience.

>> i'll be a different actor by the end of this. i will be. it's taught me so much. i have loved every moment of the rehearsal process. getting the chance to really speak the poetry of william shakespeare in this day and age.

>> it is a reimagination of the story set in present day but the shakespearian language is still there.

>> it's well edited. it's about two hours. this play would be three and a half.

>> for today's audiences they are not used to in this casa nickelby stuf f anymore.

>> i grew up in canterbury, a cathedral city . i would walk in the as a kid and you have a sense of space and a connection. i can sort of liken that when we are having a good night in the theater and reciting the the poetry of shakespeare i hope you get a sense of the history of the langlanguage. it's so well edited. even if it doesn't immediately tune into your ear you can go with the way david la beau -- he's really done a good way of making this accessible and the actress who plays juliet is one of the most beautiful things you have ever seen. she lights up the stage.

>> she's no miranda ke rr.

>> very true.

>> we wish you luck.

>> you have the cutest baby