TODAY   |  October 08, 2013

Students need more than parents to flourish

Success in school is a team effort between students, parents and instructors. A panel of experts discusses how best to get your children to do their best and flourish.

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>>> on education nation today, a lesson in family engagement. karen is the senior lecturer on education at harvard graduate school of education and he heads up his school's pta in miami florida and she is a local mom that juggles work at home with three kids in three different schools and with our student perspective we have him who attends abraham lincoln high school . what do you mean by family engagement?

>> family engagement say term that encompasses anyway an adult care taker and i want to everyo emphasize adult caretaker because children are raised by auntie, grandma, grand pa. at it's anyway they support children's development. one of the most important things is to be expensive about your definition of family engagement. it's not just bake sale and fund-raising.

>> what is it.

>> families can be supporters of their children's learning in homes. they can be models of learning who when they see their families learning at home and reading. they can be activists and advocates which scares school people but is very important as well. lots of different ways.

>> jay, mr. pta they call you in your school system . it's more than being a part of the pta , right?

>> absolutely. pta is only one factor. when you're a parent, doing it by yourself is not possible. it takes parents, it takes teachers, it takes community. that 360 circle of protection, it provides that environment for a student to flourish, to be successful and also understand that we place expectations on them. they're going to do their best and they're going to go out and achieve all of their dreams.

>> you are a single parent and juggling your kids school, work. at the end of the day it must feel kind of tough. when you've got to still engage with your kids. you want them to feel you're invested in this.

>> yes. definitely, yes. but i feel that family engagement is crucial for a child's development in school. like at my daughter's school there's a thing which means to say the school, the child, and the parent are involved together working hand in hand for the success of the child an i think it's very, very important.

>> and you're getting ready to -- you're in your senior year getting read do look at colleges now and make those difficult decisions and your mom is very engaged in your academic achievements as well. how important is that to your success.

>> she along with the network which is a mentoring program that helps with internships and scholarships and also my college readiness both have prepared me excel in my school work and i motivate myself.

>> all right.

>> all right. well, thank you so much and to johnny as well. more information by the way, you can go to our website education we'll have more information on