TODAY   |  October 08, 2013

Must-have beauty products for guys and gals

From the best razors to moisturizers, Ying Chu of Glamour shares some of the magazine’s top picks for beauty items.

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>>> whether browsing your local drugstore or checking out the department store choices the beauty options can be overwhelming for women and men.

>> exec you tiff beauty director of glamour magazine has done the research for you. she is here with must have products as we handout the glammy awards.

>> thank you for having me.

>> get right to it. best moisturizer or antiager.

>> our reader voted drugstore moisturizer is this one from olay. it's easy and great for every day and then at the department store we have this dramatically different moisturizing lotion from clinique. everyone loves it. it's great for every day.

>> it's been around for 30 years now.

>> it's a difference in price.

>> it is and the texture is quite different and different ingredients.

>> let's move to the fellows.

>> this is for you, willie.

>> james is our model here.

>> are you going to dry shave for us here?

>> let's talk razors. we love the gillette. it's the classic and it has the super thin blades so it doesn't drag on your skin. and then we also have a great line, it's fairly new. it's from new york. it's called harrys and it's the same guys that have a charitable component to it.

>> you're making me nervous.

>> speed shaving.

>> but they both give wonderful, clean, smooth, close shaves and, you know, just a different kind of style. this one is really giftable.

>> right. how many blades --

>> there are five super slim blades.

>> is that what you use?

>> i use that one right there.

>> you're an against the grain guy. thanks buddy.

>> scaring me here.

>> eye treatments for the ladies.

>> so at the drugstore we love the garnier product. it has a cool roller ball and it actually depuffed while you apply it.

>> is that cool?

>> i love these things in the morning i do that.

>> you need them for your job, right.

>> and department store we are the clinique all about eyes. i love the texture of this. you can put it on, it's like a nice gel formula. it depuffs and gets rid of dark circles and you can put your make up on overtop.

>> now for the guys.

>> after shave. what we love is an after shave balm. we have two different ones. one from veno.

>> what we love about both of these is they don't sting and you can put it on and get a little bit of moisture.

>> how does that feel?

>> feels good. no sting yet.

>> and this great one from body shop which has a lot of ingredients and when you are shaving you're basically cutting -- you get microcuts on your face so you want to help heal.

>> i have heavy studio make up on so it's probably not a fair test.

>> all right.

>> very good. let's go to lipsticks to the ladies and a lip balm is a top winner.

>> in the lip category, baby lips is a great baby step to color because although they have -- they look vie bran in the package, you put them on, it's really moisturizing and they're $4, a real treat for your lips and just gives a sheer layer of color where as the m.a.c. lipstick has incredible staying power and tons of shades and they stayed on really well. they felt velvety on the lips and don't bleed.

>> which do you have.

>> i have that and i love it. perfect for the fall. it has a gloss finish.

>> looking good on you.

>> let's go back to the exfoil exfoiliators.

>> they're fantastic for right before shaving. if you have a thick beard or thick hair you want to loosen up beforehand. so this yes to blueberries actually has blueberries in it. so it's gentle on the face and it gets you ready for your shave. this one has caffeine and mint so it's got that really zingy feeling.

>> a lot of caffeine in the products today.

>> that's unfortunately all we can get to. thank you so much.

>> thank you.