TODAY   |  October 08, 2013

Mystery meat: Half chicken, half… nugget?

Ever wonder what’s in a chicken nugget? Researchers in Mississippi have revealed the sad truth: Only half is actually chicken. The remaining 50 percent is a mix of fat, blood vessels, pieces of bone and other curious ingredients.

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>> what is in your chicken nuggets ? do you want to know the answer for this? this is tough for me. researchers in mississippi say that only half of what is in a chicken nugget is actually chicken.

>> yeah.

>> the rest is nugget?

>> do you want to know what the other half is? fat, blood vessels? kids are you listening? pieces of bone. even so one of the researchers says nuggets are okay to eat occasionally. the chicken industry says nuggets are an excellent source of protein especially for picky eaters like mine.

>> mine are at school already.

>> bone?

>> everything tastes better fried, as a southerner.

>> it still tastes like chicken.