TODAY   |  October 08, 2013

‘Biggest Loser’ has ‘Idol’ Ruben Studdard as contestant

Bob Harper, trainer on “The Biggest Loser,” talks to TODAY about the show’s return and says that Ruben Studdard of “American Idol” fame will be a contestant this season.

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>> show continues to resinate with people?

>> i think that people are always looking for some sort of information to stay motivated. that's the one question i get all the time. how do i stay motivated? getting the weight off is the easy part. it's keeping it off.

>> i know you changed things up a little bit this season. so the trainers get a hand in some of the casting. did you like that?

>> i hated it. all of these people would come in with stories that were heart break and i was like why can't we take all of them, please? jillian loved it.

>> and reuben studdard is making an appearance. you're trying to help him.

>> yeah, he is on this season. he is a huge super star in the reality business and great singer and he came in and showed his vulnerable side. it was great to have him on the show.

>> meanwhile, to answer how do i stay motivated, people not wanting to get to the gym this morning, what are you saying to them?

>> make a right choice at lunch today and those kind of steps will just like transform your whole life.

>> bob harper , always good to have you.

>> thank you.

>> congratulations on a big anniversary. the biggest loser, next tuesday,