TODAY   |  October 08, 2013

Princess Di, Marilyn Monroe items on auction block

Martin Nolan, executive director of Julien’s Auctions, shares memorabilia from iconic figures in popular culture, including X-rays of Marilyn Monroe and a track suit worn in “The Sopranos” by the late James Gandolfini.

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>> we get to feel like we're in hollywood with the help of the executive director of julian's auctions. they're getting ready for a special lot in november called icons and idols hollywood. martin is here with a sneak peek at the treasures that will be up for bid. good morning.

>> good morning.

>> did you hears the ahs when this item came out of the box. this was the wedding grown that julie andrews wore in sound of music . tell me about it.

>> it comes from a huge memorabilia collector. 1965 the movie was made. budget of 8 million. grossed 286 million. hugely popular. everybody today still loves the movie.

>> i read in the notes there's been some postproduction alabama alterations.

>> the studios would use these dresses for different events and weddings. so hence the operation.

>> it is the one she wore.

>> any idea?

>> 30 to 50,000 but that's a conservative estimate.

>> we'll disagree on this one. these are x-rays from marilyn monroe .

>> it talks to the fact that she did have plastic surgery in the 1950s . we all thought she had but this speaks to the fact that yes, she had.

>> some of the names marilyn miller . she was married to author miller.

>> that's a name she would have used. she had a fall in the morning of june 7th , 2:00 a.m . and she was brought into the surgery to protect her.

>> people love marilyn. they have a love affair with her.

>> beam me up scotty .

>> yes.

>> captain kirk .

>> this is signed by william shatner .

>> yes. this is highly sought after. it's very coelectabllectible. what do you think it will fetch.

>> 30 to 50,000 on this.

>> wow, okay. i've got to do this. i'm sorry. you tell me what this is.

>> i have to say it to you, never do that again, as on ttonto would say.

>> how cool is that?

>> yes, the lone ranger from 49 to 5 1 and 54 to 57. this is his favorite he gave up for auction.

>> highly collectible and sought after. 40 to 60,000 on this one.

>> let's move on here.

>> princess diana , items that have any connection to her are still wildly popular.

>> similar to marilyn monroe we have the young fresh beauty of princess diana with who would be a grandmother today. this is designed by catherine walker .

>> do you know when this was designed?

>> early 90s and princess diana was always doing things for charity and her son william encouraged his mom to sell dresses to raise money for charity.

>> but she wore this to a private function.

>> she did and then she sold it and it raised money for charity and william encouraged her to do this.

>> we just lost the actor who wore this two episodes in the sopranos. this was tony sopranos track suit from episode, i think, in season three and season two. james gandolfini .

>> yes. tony soprano and a gentleman as well. he was such a great guy.

>> any idea what this might go for?

>> 2 to 4,000. we don't know how collectible he has become since he passed away. typically the value soars.

>> thank you so much.

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