TODAY   |  October 08, 2013

Sex after 40? Miley Cyrus doesn’t think so

TODAY’s Matt Lauer’s interview with Miley Cyrus on Monday created buzz online when Cyrus shared her opinion that people stop having sex around 40. While it may be a sweeping claim, some studies do show a decline in sexual activity for people after 40.

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>>> told you weren't having sex because you were over 40.

>> you mean yesterday?

>> tamron is in the orange room and worked out the technical difficulties .

>> she put on a memorable performance but the interview still has people talking.

>> move on to something else.

>> well, i heard when you turn 40 things start to go a little less sexual.

>> don't say that.

>> probably around 40. i heard that's when people don't have sex anymore. so i guess maybe around then.

>> miley cyrus lit up the internet with her comments about no sex after 40.

>> well, she is going to be really pleasantly surprised.

>> probably just gets better.

>> she's young. i understand her saying that. i might have said that when i was 20.

>> but the 20-something singer maybe on to something, a survey from the journal of sexual medicine shows sex does drop at age 40.

>> the survey says 71% of male and 64% of family 30 somethings are active and 40 somethings it drops to 61 and 56%. by the 50s, it's down to 44 and 29%. still more than a few people are happy to tell the we can't stop singer that they don't stop.

>> no age limit, you know? not at all. you just got to keep going until you drop dead .

>> sex after 40 absolutely and matt knows that.

>> all right.

>> i have no idea who that is.

>> we have a poll we sent out to our viewers as well to get their thoughts on it and, you know, i had a little trouble earlier --

>> oh, wow.

>> i brought my miley singer with me. i'm going to own this screen today. here we go guys. john daily, the famous golfer tweeted out love your showing at today show and your music. i do disagree with you i'm over 40 and sex is just as good as it was when i was 20. and he's saying that wearing those pants. our survey, do you think people have less sex after the age of 40. survey says, 39% say yes. 61 say no. i say, listen, when you're 20 you always think that 40 year olds aren't having sex and when you're 40 you think that about 60 but you know what you're doing in your bedroom and that's all that matters.

>> i didn't hear a thing after miley said she thought i was 40 years old.