TODAY   |  October 08, 2013

Store clerk stands up to gunman with machete

Police have revealed footage of a convenience store clerk on Long Island standing up to a gunman by surprising him with a 2-foot machete. The video of last month’s confrontation has been released in hopes of apprehending the anonymous gunman.

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>>> the gunman that tried to scare a convenience store clerk by firing a warning shot into the wall took off without a penny after the clerk grabbed that machete. police released this video of last month's confrontation to find the gunman that was running as quickly as he could out of the parking lot . police say this is whatnot to do. do not confront a robber in this situation.

>> don't bring out my 3 foot knife?

>> no.

>> he actually pulled the trigger again during the confrontation and the gun jammed. so that could have ended differently.

>> i can understand self-defense. it was the chasing across the parking lot that perhaps wasn't the right call.

>> yeah.